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Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Storms

We had a storm blow through yesterday evening. High winds, rain and small hail. This morning I went out to get the newspaper and access the damage. Here's what I saw when I stepped around the corner of the house...
...my poor pool. I'll get out there with the pump later and see if I can find a hole. I patched one hole on top of the ring near the ladder the second year, so a hole isn't a real problem if I can find it.
My Mockingbird was out their singing away this morning when I checked out the garden. The garden didn't appear to have any damage.
I was trying to get a better picture of the bird when he all of sudden hopped up in the air, then back down to the post. The first time he did this I missed getting a shot, but I caught him the second time. I hadn't seen him do this before. He did it several more times before flying off.
On around the backside of the house I see something that catches my eye.
How strange! The last time I was out at night and walked under the motion sensitive light I noticed that the left bulb was out. I wonder why the lens fell off? Very strange indeed.
Other than the pool, we didn't fair to poorly from this summer storm. I'm sure there will be more to come that leave me standing at my window wondering how my gardens are holding up. Farmers endure this feeling year after year. I have a picture of my great grandparents standing in a field of wheat up to their waists and on the back of the picture is a note saying that this crop was hailed down the next day.

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