Random Acts of Living

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PK's T-Ball Game #3

PK didn't make it to her 2nd T-ball game due to a sunburn from too much fun the day before. But by the next day she was ready to get back out on the field again. Starting with warm-up...
Her first position is first base...
Then on the bench for the batting line up...
Swing... HIT!
And she made it to first base just in time.
...on to second...
...third base...
...and HOME!
Back on the field her next position is outfield. With T-ball, outfield isn't very far out. Get that ball, PK!
Well, now that you have it, throw it to somebody.
Not quite fast enough this time. Out at first.
Last time on the field she plays third base.
Swing, HIT!
Made it to first this time.
The other team appear to have their attention elsewhere.
On to home...
... and that's the game.
Another good game, PK!


Michelle Johnson said...

Your pictures and play by play allows me to reminisce of when my daughter was this age playing t-ball. Those were great times. Remember these times as they float by so quickly. Have a great day.

Moonshadow said...

Michelle - It's because time is so fleeting that I now take so many pictures. I have no pictures, none, of my children playing all the sports they played. I did manage to get one season of football, but that's it. So now I take as many pictures as I can of the grandchildren doing whatever it is that they do.