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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summertime, Summertime, Sum...Sum...Summertime...

Summer is definitely here, whether officially or not. School's out and we've had two hot days in a row. My daughter and her family is on vacation, visiting the sil's family, and I'm babysitting. Here's the main "baby" I'm taking care of...
My daughter also watches my son's children when the dil works. So I have also taken on babysitting them also. The dog is 24/7 and the children depend on what shifts their parents happen to be scheduled for. But the pool is up so after lathering on the sunscreen...
...it's into the pool.
Then there's snack time on the driveway with chips and homemade ice cream treats from their shakes the night before. I use yogurt cups with the resealable lids, cut a small slit in the lid and insert a plastic spoon. I write their names on the spoon so they get their own shake. Pour the leftover shake in the yogurt cup, insert the spoon with the lid attached, seal it and put it in the freezer. Princess Knight had a strawberry/banana shake with chocolate chunks. The lid also works as a drip catcher.
The girls also started cleaning out the playhouse and washing the dishes. They soon became hot and had to go take another dip in the pool.
I'm hoping to actually get my garden planted tomorrow. I've cleaned up the area around my tire tater tower and tilled it well. I'm planning on planting watermelon, pumpkin and cantaloupe.
Anybody have any suggestions as what to do with the wheelbarrow full of cement chunks that I had piled in the area above? They're really irregular shapes, so won't stack well. What do I do with them?
Here's something that I'm really excited about. If you click on the picture you should be able to see the area that I have marked off with yellow string. This is where my new shed is going to go. I am planning on putting my craft supplies and music instruments in it. It will be a craft/music shop where I'm hoping to teach the children to be as creative as they'd like to be. This is something I've dreamed of for a long time.
Here's the garden earlier today. I've gotten it all tilled, it's larger than last year. This picture was taken early in the day, by the time I went in all the weeds around the edges were hoed down and the area around the pallets is turned and ready to plant also. I also laid the planks down dividing up the beds and now all I have to do is plant the seeds. The tomato plants have to purchased yet because our hardware didn't have yellow tomatoes this year.
I had wanted to get the garden in earlier this year, but because of rain, illness and other events it didn't happen. So it's going in even later this year, but it WILL go in.

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