Random Acts of Living

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Debt Collection

April 6, 2015 I received a letter from Collect Pros (see picture below) claiming that I owed money to Elite Coupon Deals.

CollectPro1 photo CollectPro1_zps3x0gayq9.jpg

Never having done business with Elite Coupon Deals that I recalled I went online to see what I could find out. I had no luck finding any previous interaction with any such company. I proceeded to research what I needed to do to handle the situation. 

I found legal advice gave my next step as sending the collection agency a letter which I copied and inserted my information in to. I sent this off immediately.

Collect Pro 2 photo CollectPro2_zpsnfdbjdee.jpg
On May 14, 2015 I received my response:

Collect Pro 3 photo CollectPro3_zpsyrd6o5c3.jpg

Fraud? Maybe. I did not find either company listed as known scammers.

If you receive collection notices that are questionable it is best that you don't just ignore them, a simple letter can resolve all doubt. Make copies of all written interaction and make note of phone #, date & time, and names for all verbal communication. Cover your bases. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Rachel Smith Memorial Folklore Meeting

The Golden Wheat Chapter of the AHSGR was scheduled to have its annual Folklore meeting on January 24, 2013 when only days before we receive news of the passing of one of our more active chapter member and member of the board. The loss of Rachel Smith has left a big void in not only our chapter but our hearts.

Rachel Elizabeth (Borecky) Smith passed away on Jan. 24, 2013 at Wichita, KS. Born on May 30, 1920 in Ellsworth County, Kansas to Edward and Rachel Heinze Borecky. Married Robert Enos Smith on September 27, 1941 in Larned, KS. He passed away April 11, 1974. Also preceded in death by her parents; daughter, Carol Ann Smith Lyne; brother, Roy Borecky; nephew, Ronnie Borecky and niece, Elaine Borecky Scoggins. Rachel worked for the Midwest Air Procurement District, the Office of the Price Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service for thirty-five plus years, retiring on May 2, 1979. Genealogy became her hobby, and she researched and prepared several Family Histories. Rachel is survived by two granddaughters, Denise Ann (Mark) Kalmer, Chandler, Arizona and Julie Kay (Christopher) Jennings, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; two great grandsons, Keifer Jennings and Quentin Jennings; and many relatives and friends. Service will be Tuesday, Jan. 29 1:00 p.m. at the Mission Chapel Mausoleum, 3424 E. 21st Street, Wichita, KS. Visitation will be Monday 4 to 8 p.m. at Old Mission Mortuary. In lieu of flowers, it is requested that contributions be made to AHSGR Golden Wheat Chapter, 822 N. Cypress Ct., Wichita, Kansas, 67206.

For our meeting we shared our traditional ethnic covered dish dinner. Just to name a few, there was Pluma Moos...

...I don't know the traditional name for this but it was poppy seed rolls and they were delicious!

Two different pots of Borscht...

...and always have to have a bowl of vareniki...

...German sausage and some sauerkraut...

...something new to the table...

...and some bierocks to sample for a change in seasoning for our next bierock fund raiser.

Karen brought some of her family history to share, letters from her grandmother to a son in Texas...

...and her grandfather's song book that he wrote that used numbers instead of notes.

There was time for leisure visiting before the meeting.

After the usual meeting and installation of officers we began our program with Harold playing Amazing Grace on his trombone accompanied by his wife, Vicki.

Joel gave the memorial and then members were encouraged to share memories of Rachel.

The meeting closed with Harold, accompanied by Vicki, playing a German Medley on his trombone.

We will all miss you Rachel. You leave a large hole to fill in our chapter, you filled many shoes not only in your research work but also as our main greeter with the registration book & name tags and chief librarian who was always on call to anyone to open the doors for research. Godspeed!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

The weather turned cold just in time for Christmas. There was a light dusting of snow in the early morning hours, but not enough to bother taking a picture. The main concern, the roads. Conditions were still good for mom to be able to drive out. She was going to bring my brother with her, but he was still too sick today and didn't want to spread whatever it is that he has to everyone else.

Food is always abundant at our family gatherings. We have decided to forgo the sit-down meal at Christmas and reserve that for Thanksgiving. The kids are just fine with snacks galore.
Front and center are cream puffs and directly behind it are rice krispy treats my daughter made.
A little different angle. My focus doesn't seem to working as well at it tells me it is.
From the other end of the island is the tub of deviled eggs, two layers, and in the center are ham & turkey roll ups.
This one is a bit blurry but I wanted to show the plate of pretzel Rolo snacks. Some are two pretzels and some are one with an almond. The divided dish has three different kinds of Kisses, nuts, and some other candy.
Back to the other end we had salami, cheese, and crackers. The red bowl is full of string cheese for the kids to snack on. 
The "meats" - pizza rolls, shrimp, chicken nuggets, mini pigs in a blanket, and smokies in BBQ sauce.
Chips, cheese dips, and bread sticks with cheese in them. The three cheese dips are with cheddar and salsa (the children's 'original'), bean and cheese, and cheese with ro-tel (Dillons brand). 
Sitting down to eat with beautiful red tree glowing brightly.
Looks like they all found plenty they liked.
The adult's table before everyone has been seated.
After everyone had MORE than enough to eat, it was time to open presents.
The K-Monster handed the presents out. Not nearly as many packages under the tree as in years past. The children have all grown and are happier with gifts of money that they can pool together to purchase larger items. With everything that there is to be bought it is difficult to know what to buy for anyone.
Waiting patiently.
Pretty Christmas gift bags.
One for you....
...and one for you.
My daughter hands out our envelopes for us, trying to convince them that they should just let her keep them. The weren't convinced.
K-Monster's new shirt.
A big box of puzzles that will be handed out for the kids to put together.

All the gifts were gathered up, wrapping and packaging to the trash. The two granddaughters went home with my mom, their Great-grandmother, for a few days. Several of us sat down to a game of progressive rummy while the others either watched on or went to enjoy their gifts. It was a wonderful family time.

I hope you and yours made some good memories this Christmas also. Our hearts & prayers go out to all who are lonely and/or suffering. May we all be Blessed in the coming New Year!

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hobo/Sling bags

My latest craft project is making Hobo or Sling bags from X large t-shirts. This first one I made for myself. I've laid a ruler beside it to give an idea of how large these bags are...

These bags are reversible. This is the inside of my bag...

Following are two others that I have made, inside and out...

Front and back of the inside. I had to piece this material together....

Now I need to get things picked up in my studio and get it ready for the 4th of July!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shad's Shop - Trimmed Out & Well Hung

This will probably be all the work for a while, other than maybe working on decreasing the smoke odor inside. Shad just informed me that it wasn't the hinges that needed to be replaced but the interior second door latches, top & bottom.

That light certainly is bright!

All trimmed out and the doors straightened up with a new latch and lock aligned ready to be locked up.

With the light off, though it is night, you can see the trim work all finished.

Looks like a brand new shed from the outside. Even with the loss of all the tools, I find it comforting to see the shop standing, looking fresh and new.

Thank You Everybody for all your prayers and support! Keep watch for new posts on Shad's progress to rebuild his work space and equipment inventory.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shad's Shop - Face Lift

It's amazing what a bit of paint will do to a building. Hardly any external evidence of the fire remain on the outer shell of the shop.

The trim still needs to be painted, but the white primer gives an idea what it will look like when it's finished. I need to have Shad get a better picture when there aren't shadows on the back of the building, but you can no longer tell the panel was replaced.

I really like the color, it's well on the way to putting the fire in the past.

More work needs to be done to remove the smoke smell from inside. It's not bad when the building is all open and air going through, but after it's been closed up for a while the odor builds.

I'll post more as he progresses so check back from time to time!