Random Acts of Living

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Big Salad

I LOVE salads. This cottage cheese salad is one of my favorites, more so now that I found a low fat, reduced sodium cottage cheese (now if I can just figure out where I bought it at). This is a BIG bowl, it's 8.5 inches wide.

Here's the numbers on the salad...

Calories-166kcal Carbs-17g Fat-5g Protein-16g Sodium-363mg Sugar-9g

4.4 oz Romaine lettuce
1/2 cup Hiland - Cottage Cheese-low Fat, 50% Reduced Sodium
2.1 oz cherry tomatoes
3.5 oz diced cucumber
1.2 oz diced onion
1 tbsp Litehouse - Avocado Bacon Ranch Dressing

I have often eaten just the cottage cheese mix. LOVE the flavors. 

Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese on a Tortilla

A while back one of the local news programs featured grilled cheese sandwiches during the food portion of their show. One of the sandwiches contained Pesto. This caught my attention because I've been looking for ideas to use the Celery & Almond Pesto that I made. So this is what I came up with.

Grilled Tortilla - Calories-287kcal Carbs-19g Fat-14g Protein-26g Sodium-364mg Sugar-2g

Broccoli - Calories-23kcal Carbs-5g Fat-0g Protein-2g Sodium-18mg Sugar-0g

I mixed a chopped up 3 oz. skinless chicken tender with a serving of my Pesto (linked above) and 1/4 cup Kroger shredded Mexican blend cheese. I heated up my little copper/ceramic fry pan and lightly sprayed it with canola oil. I placed a 6 in white corn tortilla in it and topped it with my mixture. Heat till the tortilla starts to brown and is soft enough to fold in half. It's rather stuffed so you have to do this carefully. I lightly browned both sides of the tortilla before plating. Top with a tablespoon of salsa. I use Newman's Own because it is low sodium. This will have to make a repeat performance, it was delicious.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Genealogy Meeting Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR

Participants to the Genealogy Roadshow Workshop were greeted by Ella's welcoming smile.

Our Golden Wheat Chapter President, Karen Penner, introduced Mike Meisinger.

The workshop began with the history of Germans from Russia.

A nice size group just right for our library room.

As always there were delicious snacks to boost brainpower.

There were breaks between presentations to socialize...

...share information...

...ask question...

...and check out the displays.

Mike's second presentation was on doing the actual research, what is available online and how to access it.

After lunch Mike shared with us slides of his trip to Russia. Then Dennis gave an overview of the creation of AHSGR and the history of the Golden Wheat Chapter.

Karen, our Golden Wheat Chapter librarian shared the holdings, resources of the chapter library.

Members of the chapter can check out books at no charge. 

Non-members may contact Karen to arrange access to books at the library.

It was a very informative workshop. Lots of questions and answers.

Videos of the presentations are being made. Info TBA.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What's for Lunch?

Egg Salad Wrap

Calories-291kcal Carbs-23g Fat-14g Protein-20g Sodium-389mg Sugar-4g

1 tbsp Kroger - Neufchatel Cheese - 33% Less Fat Cream Cheese, 15 g
1 tbsp Chobani - Greek Yogurt - Fat Free - Plain
1/2 tsp French's Mustard, prepared
Paprika & granulated garlic to taste (dash each)
1 Egg, Hard Boiled diced
1 tbsp Onion Raw Chopped
2 oz English Cucumber - Seedless
2 oz Cherry Tomato
1 Santa Fe Tortilla Co. - Homestyle Whole Grain Tortilla
0.7 oz Kroger - Fresh Mozzarella, 
2 oz Romaine Lettuce

Soften the cream cheese in the microwave, about 12 sec, mix in the yogurt, mustard, and seasoning. Add any seasoning that you would like. Mix in egg, onion, cucumber, and tomato. Kroger fresh mozzarella is a really soft cheese. To get a good shred I freeze it first. The reason for the 0.7 oz is that is what I shredded at this time weighed (see small bowl in picture above). You can use more or less and adjust your counts accordingly. Spread shredded cheese on 3/4 of the tortilla, leaving ends and one edge to fold. I like to wilt my greens so I laid the romaine lettuce on the cheese and microwaved it all for 30 seconds. Spread egg salad mixture over the lettuce.

This was a really stuffed wrap. I didn't get a picture of it because I had my hands full eating it. I probably could have made two wraps but I didn't want the added calories and carbs. Here is the nutritional info on MY wrap...

For dessert I had a serving of raspberry sugar free gelatin with slices of a small clementine/halo.

Calories-50kcal Carbs-9g Fat-0g Protein-1g Sodium-50mg Sugar-7g

Enjoy your food! I DO!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Leftover Meatloaf

I like to use leftover meatloaf to make soft tacos.

Calories-235kcal Carbs-25 Fat- 9g Protein-21g Sodium-617mg Sugar-5

Crock pot Turkey Meatloaf, 0.5 serving
Santa Fe Tortilla Co. - Homestyle Whole Grain Tortilla, 1 tortilla
Tomato - Cherry Tomato 0.4 ounce
Romaine Lettuce
Onion - Raw Chopped
Kroger - Mexican Style Blend Finely Shredded Cheese
1 tbsp Chobani - Greek Yogurt - Fat Free - Plain
1 tbsp Newmans Own Chunky Mild Salsa - Salsa
1 tbsp Always Save - Taco Sauce Mild

The sodium is a bit high, I didn't realize the taco sauce had so much in it or I would have left it out. I really like this tortilla but I like whole grains. 

(Sorry about the blurry photo, low lighting in the kitchen.)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Comfort Food Revisted

Meatloaf and scalloped potatoes are one of those meals from my childhood. Still good, just reworked.

Calories-196kcal Carbs-25g Fat-2g Protein-19g Sodium-210mg Sugar-7g

Now it's Turkey Meatloaf and Scalloped Zucchini & Potatoes. I could have peeled the zucchini which would have made it look more like the traditional scalloped potatoes, but why waste the zucchini peel? I don't really have a meatloaf recipe but I did measure my ingredients to be able to get a nutrition count. Pretty much the standard list; ground turkey, onion, bell pepper, celery leaves, whole wheat bread crumbs, low sodium ketchup, mustard, low sodium Worcestershire sauce, Mrs Dash original, Sriracha Cha, flax (instead of egg), and no salt added diced tomato (canned). I cooked it in the crock pot lined with parchment paper. An hour before it was to be served I brushed the top with ketchup mixed with Worcestershire sauce. When it was time to serve it I picked it up out of the pot with the edges of the parchment paper and set it on the cutting board. The turkey meat was lean and there was very little moisture in the bottom of the pot. I need to experiment a little more with seasoning to give it more flavor, but it was good. 

Plenty for Lunch

Watching calories doesn't mean you have to starve yourself, but it does help to like vegetables and are willing to try new things.

Calories-207kcal Carbs36g Fat-4g Protein-9g Sodium-234mg Sugar-12g

My "sandwich" is peanut butter hummus with Greek yogurt on a white corn tortilla with spinach. As seen in my March 24th post... http://ksborn.blogspot.com/2017/03/peanut-butter-hummus.html
The veggie bowl has sliced cucumbers, grape tomatoes and celery. The little bowl is a serving of sugar free jello. Add a tall glass of cool water makes for a fine lunch.