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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #4

Wendy at On the Front Porch hosts Small Town Snapshot Sunday. Check out the other participating bloggers on Wendy's blog, then join us and post one of your own!

Saturday was Merchants Night in our small town. We had a Sidewalk Craft Fair!

There were wonderful wooden items for sell, all handmade.
I even had a table set up to make and sell custom buttons. Here you see the Princess sitting in my chair.
Up on the other side of the street an open air eating place was set up serving BBQ.
Our local merchants along the street also had their shops open.
There was suppose to have been a bike ride, but it was cancelled due to the heat. So, I let the kids take pictures with my old camera and they got some quite interesting shots...

...Up the street at Ye Olde Bank and Antique store.
Here's PK pulling a K-Monster and mugging for a self portrait.
The Princess decorating the bikes before finding out that ride was cancelled.
The kids talking to some other bike riders.
When I was getting my things set up I made up this button to make sure all was working.

Another type of self portrait...
Well I hope you had fun looking at the pictures of my grandkids having fun. They had fun taking the pictures.

Small Town Snapshot Sunday

Friday, June 26, 2009

June 24th Ballgame

This was the grandson's last game. The son and dil were both working again so I took him, his sister's and cousin, K-Monster, to watch him play. Because if the high heat I decided to watch the game from "outfield" this time, where the shade is. For warm up the boys even came to the outfield this time. See the diamond off to the left, over where the light pole is, that's where we usually sit.
Here the coach gave them their pep-talk.
The boys were getting lined up to bat...
This is the camera off zoom to give you an idea of how far away we were.
Here he is up to bat...
....and then in the outfield.
...a long shot of the game. If you click on the picture you can see better what's going on.
Our boys took the lead right from the start.
Here was a home run...
...and here is that same boy, exhausted, after running the bases.
Grandson batting, I think he actually tipped the ball on this one, but still no hit.
Here's a couple of our boys runs where one runner almost overtook another.
End of the game, final score was 11 to 5, our win.
The boys were ALL given medals...
And here's the team shot...
Great Games! Great Fun, Boys!

Gotta thank K-Monster for these last two pictures. He ran over to where the team was, half-way there he came back and got the other camera out of the car, and got the pictures. I wouldn't have had a team photo if he hadn't done that! Way To Go, K-Monster!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Stats

This morning I was checking my stats and was shocked to find over 370 hits on this blog. If you look at the chart below which summarizes the year you'll see that most often I have less than 50 hits per day. More often around 30, if that. The spikes that you see are times that I have asked for responses from one or more of the email lists that I am a member of.
So why the high number the other day? Sunday I posted the Wichita Eagle article about Chase Kear. Yesterday Yahoo featured the article in their Yahoo news. When people googled information that was in the article, my blog was in the search list. I'm still getting quite a few hits from it. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 22nd T-Ballgame

I think this was the last game for PK. I didn't attend this out of town game because her daddy was able to take her. K-Monster went along with my older camera to take pictures for me. Of course he must "mark his presence" with a self portrait...
I picked some of the better, cuter, pictures to post but can only guess at what is occurring since I wasn't there. Here it looks like warm-up pictures...
All the team together, getting ready to bat.
PK up to bat...
Then there's running...
...and standing...
...and more running...
...and more standing...
This one looked to me like she is pulled back and ready to throw the ball.
...then more running...
...and more batting and running...
...and some more standing.
Finally the congratulating the other team for a game well played.
And the special memento... The Team Photo.
Good Game! Good Fun, PK!

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 19th Ballgame

I've been so busy that I'm late in getting these posted but I figured I better get them up now because there's more games on Monday. Her PK appears to be having a problem with her britches during warm up. I called her out when they went to their bench so I could adjust her belt.
Her first position was catcher. They had her standing way back from the plate this game.
Batter UP! HIT!
Run!!! Unfortunately, she hit the ball straight to first and she was out.
Hamming for the camera again. Playing outfield.
Up to bat again.
This time she makes it to first base, barely, but safe.
On the way to home plate...
It's a run!
Now she's playing first. Get the ball, PK!
Up to bat, again.
Safe at first!
...on to second...
...run to third...
...touch the base, PK!
On to home and another run!
Game over... Good game for all!
This beautiful little guy had perched on the fence to watch the warm up but flew away before the game started. I don't recall seeing Baltimore Orioles around her up until a few years ago. Maybe it's just that we're getting trees big enough on our side of town now.
They're STILL throwing the paper on the drive!!!! Fortunately it hadn't rained enough to fill up the drive this day.