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Friday, June 26, 2009

June 24th Ballgame

This was the grandson's last game. The son and dil were both working again so I took him, his sister's and cousin, K-Monster, to watch him play. Because if the high heat I decided to watch the game from "outfield" this time, where the shade is. For warm up the boys even came to the outfield this time. See the diamond off to the left, over where the light pole is, that's where we usually sit.
Here the coach gave them their pep-talk.
The boys were getting lined up to bat...
This is the camera off zoom to give you an idea of how far away we were.
Here he is up to bat...
....and then in the outfield.
...a long shot of the game. If you click on the picture you can see better what's going on.
Our boys took the lead right from the start.
Here was a home run...
...and here is that same boy, exhausted, after running the bases.
Grandson batting, I think he actually tipped the ball on this one, but still no hit.
Here's a couple of our boys runs where one runner almost overtook another.
End of the game, final score was 11 to 5, our win.
The boys were ALL given medals...
And here's the team shot...
Great Games! Great Fun, Boys!

Gotta thank K-Monster for these last two pictures. He ran over to where the team was, half-way there he came back and got the other camera out of the car, and got the pictures. I wouldn't have had a team photo if he hadn't done that! Way To Go, K-Monster!

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