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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

The following video I put together as some of the memories of think of when I think about my Dad. He's not singing the song, but it is one that he has sang to me many times in my life, "Daddy's Little Girl". There are pictures of me, me and Dad, and our family. There are other girls that my dad has sang to also, like my little sister. Though I most think of dad singing, that isn't all he has done. He has made rubberband guns and swingsets, and wrestled around with us and swung us like airplanes in circles. He's sang for the family and for church and for other social engagements. He's also been Santa Claus. And girls that weren't his daughters has claimed him as their own, too!

Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I Love You!


Michelle Johnson said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father. I love what you did. Do you and your family have plans today? We're staying home because my husband had a wisdom tooth removed Thursday. He's still recovering. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

Almost forgot... tell your dad Happy Father's Day for me.

Moonshadow said...

No plans. I called my dad this morning and he looked at the blog while I was on the phone with him. In the afternoon my folks went to a BBQ at family friends of my brother along with my brother's family. Hope your hubby's wisdom teeth are healing nicely. I remember having mine pulled many years ago. Not fun.

Bob Johnson said...

Great tribute to your father,mine was in for the wedding. He played trumpet when I was a kid and that's why I learned, his one brother played guitar and sang like Hank Snow, the other brother played drums, was quite a band when they got together.

Moonshadow said...

Thanks, Bob! Dad's family all played instruments, too. But I don't think they had access to horns and drums. They played guitars, piano and autoharp. I loved/love it when they get together and sing. So does everyone else.