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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pool and Garden

Easily found the hole in the ring on the pool, it was 2 inches long. I imagine a hail stone hit it because I didn't see any branches or anything else stiff enough to have ripped a hole like that anywhere near the pool. I tried to patch it first with some quick dry glue that I have but it just made the plastic patch curl up, it didn't want to dry quickly. Then I tried some Shoe Goo but that just got messy. Next step was to go to Main Street Hardware where I purchase some self adhering vinyl patches and that seems to be doing the trick.
Then I checked out the garden and found a nice green row of Arugula sprouting.
Also found a row of Okra popping through the soil.
Over the alley are power lines and I was surprised to find a bird sitting on the heavier multi cable line. I walked around below it and positioned myself to try to get a really good shot, and it never moved.
It just sat there like a bird would sit a nest. I find that rather odd. It makes me wonder if it was feeling well. I've found a couple dead birds in the yard already this year. Not really sure what kind of bird this is but I think it's a female.


Michelle Johnson said...

Glad to see you fixed your pool. Now everyone can enjoy some swimming this evening. The shot of the bird is great. I too wonder if it isn't sick because they are usually not so docile when someone is standing close by. Your garden is looking good. I bet you can't wait to eat from it. Have a great day.

Kansas A said...

I use Marine Goop to patch up our old pool, it worked great.
I'm curious about the bird, I've never seen one like it before.

Moonshadow said...

Michelle & Kansas - I've been informed that the bird is a Whip-Poor-Will and from what I read, when they're sitting their nest you practically have to step on them before they flee. They are usually found in forrests so I have no idea what that one was doing on my power line.

I'll check into Marine Goop, I'm sure I'll have need for more patches eventually.

Anita said...

I believe its a "common nighthawk"... see the example here:
http://www.juddpatterson.com/view.php?absID=835 or here:

Moonshadow said...

OH, WOW, Anita! I think you're right. They look a lot alike but the nighthawk has those white spots on it's wing. How very interesting.