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Friday, June 5, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Two of the grands had out of town games at the same time tonight. Fortunately it was at the same ballpark. Their dad, my son, had to work so I drove them along with their mom and sister to their games. Grandson wanted his mom to go with him him so sis (The Princess) and I went with Princess Knight. Here are the pictures that the dil took of the grandson's game. First they warmed up...
The grandson is sitting on the end of the bench. You'll note the nice shady area they had to sit and play in.
Grandson outfield...
...at bat.
The boys are playing machine pitch and dil was saying that they had problems with the machine that delayed the game.

We made it over to this game just as it was finishing. I heard them announce the score as 1 to 6, the 1 was ours. Dil said that they actually hit more balls this time than last and it looked to me like they all had a good time.
Below are the pictures I took of Princess Knight's game. She's playing for the very first time.
They began by warming up also...
Guess who's suppose to be warming up to bat next but is posing for the camera instead.
Caught her rubbing her nose in the outfield.
Her game is T-ball... Good Hit!
...and off she runs to first.
All the way round the bases and coming in home. Playing T-ball they don't keep score or even count outs. They concentrate on learning to watch the ball, hit the ball and catch the ball. Oh, and listen to the coaches.
The Princess found a kitten to occupy her time with at the game.
Princess Knight got to play catcher too.
Another good hit!
Run, PK, Run!
Here she is at second, I don't know what the second baseman was saying to her. Oh, and notice that both teams are wearing green shirts. I forgot to point on in the grandson's game that both of those teams were wearing red.
This was kind of funny. The boy chasing PK was determined to tag her. He had been on third base, but he didn't have the ball.
Yet he was still determined to tag her.
I don't know what the two girls were looking at, but they just looked so cute.
This coach was giving her some sort of instructions, she sure is making a face.
Here is the famous outfield dirt ballet, performed and nearly every game by many an outfielder.
End of the game, both teams show their sportsmanship.
They were all winners at the T-ball game, learning life lessons, getting sunshine, fresh air and exercise!

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