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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Here's pictures of some of the Trick or Treaters that visited my house Halloween Night!


Anita said...

So FUN!!
I had to work... :(

Rick said we had 47 trick or treaters... That's pretty amazing for a town that only has about 500 people left, don't you think?? He ran out of candy and had to turn off the light or we might have had more!!

Peter said...

Hi! Moonshadow. The first image is pretty hair-raising and would scare the daylights out of most people. Happy Halloween is gaining popularity in Australia and in quite a few other countries. Which I didn't know until I looked it up. If I had known this was going to happen, I would have become a dentist.


Moonshadow said...

Anita - Sorry you had to work. I didn't get pictures of all of them, they were coming pretty fast at one point and all I could to was hand out candy. I was surprised the some of the older teenagers came knocking on the door for candy, too! I asked them if they weren't a little big for there age and they seemed totally unashamed. I went ahead and gave them candy, better than them out drinking and driving I guess (which is what teenagers did when I was a teen on Halloween).

Peter - Halloween's just a lot of fun. My daughter really enjoys it. I'll have to dig out some of the photos when my kids were young and post them. I made the boys up as werewolves using spirit gum (theater adhesive) and batting that's used in quilts. Then I made them different colors, black, orange, silver, with spray on hair color that was sold only for Halloween. They looked GREAT and nobody could tell who they were. Dentist have been telling people lately to let the kids eat their candy all right away instead of spreading it out of an extended time. That way they will just have a few days of sugar instead of sugar every day of the year. When my kids were young we had some neighbors that gave out coins instead of candy. And when I was young, someone that worked for the bread store gave out minature loaves of bread in minature wrappers that looked like the big loaf. I loved it, just because it was doll size.

Carolyn said...

I'm such a wall flower. Ethan had to work (and then go out "Trick or Treating" himself ... no, not for candy, but Drama Club. They were doing "Trick or Treat so Kids can eat". The teenagers went around asked for canned goods, and they are given to the local food pantry that we have.

And David was working as well. So...I bought 6 Halloween buckets, put a good amount of candy in each, and delivered them to all my grandkids (well, except for Alex -- he got Animal Crackers instead of candy...he's not quite a year old yet). If Ethan had been home, we would have given out candy; but I didn't want to do it myself. So, I just did for "my" kids. :)


Too cute! What a blast - we got 2 kids at our house and that was it. We weren't home most of the night so that was probly why. Maddy and Journey were our only ones, and all the grown ups got to gabbing so I forgot to take their pictures :(

Moonshadow said...

Drugs are kicking in so I'll make this brief. : )

Carolyn-the "Trick or Treat so Kids can eat" sounds like a wonderful thing to do.

Bec-sorry you didn't any pics. But you did get some earlier so you're completely without.

Rene said...

You know, I had half a mind to take pictures of the kiddies that knocked on my door too. Alas.

On the plus side, my coworkers are very happy that I have spare candy to give away on a daily basis.

Moonshadow said...

What was funny was that one of first few children I photographed said, "OH, that's bright" and thought flashed in my mind, "OK, I'll blind them with the flash first then offer them candy so they can't see what they get" LOL