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Monday, November 12, 2007

Just a Reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone to check out the links in my "Check This Out" list in my sidebar. Pilgrim's Progress is a family, large family, that is planning on traveling the world and in the process doing what they can to help and be more a part of the family of mankind. Monster Crochet inspires me to get back to my creative side. Abraham & Happy is for our Kansas Windmill lovers, except this one is in Australia and Creative Clown has lots of random information, I especially like the videos she's embedded. Go back to her previous posts and see a video about "THE FUTURE OF COMPUTERS 1969", I love videos from years back that show what they thought the future would be. I think with the next link I find I'll move the bottom link to an "previously highlighted" list at the bottom of the sidebar.

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