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Monday, November 12, 2007

7 Things About Me That You Might Not Know meme

Sorry about another meme so soon after the last, but Peter from St Vincent's Hospital-Male Nurses actually, informally, tagged me with this one before I was given the award. Peter just hadn't gotten his posted till today.

For those of you unfamiliar - Meme is like a chain letter game, something we can relate to chain post cards that existed in olden times. I am to tell you "7 things about me that you might not know".Then at the end of it I tag 7 others, in order for them to carry on with the game and pass it on to others.

1. I am 13 times a grandmother:
Because they ARE just children I do not, as a general rule name them in my blogs, though I often show them in pictures. Most if not all the children and grandchildren gather at my house and camp out in my yard every 4th of July for a glorious summer celebration.

2. I have self-published two family history books:
My great-uncle got me started on genealogy many years ago and I did research for several years before having Internet access to make it easy. I liken genealogy to treasure hunting, you never know when you're going to dig up a chest of precious stones.

3. Years ago I drove a package van for UPS:
Best shape I ever was in. I rode my bike to work and then ran stacks of packages into buildings all day. Made the best pay I ever made in my life at that job too.

4. I've worked in TV and Radio:
In the background, many years ago I worked for KSN channel 3 in Wichita KS putting commercial reels together. That's when they were still using film. More recently I worked for Entercom Broadcasting in Wichita KS as a sales assistant.

5. I've trained dogs:
Not professionally, but I had a collie/shepherd mix that received a first place trophy in obedience. Several years before that I had a dog that was a cross between a poodle and a Maltese and she thought she was human. I could get her to do tricks with hand signals and she not only would speak but she would also speak softly. The last dog I owned would try to do whatever my hands indicated; lay down, play dead, roll over, stand and do circles. She was such a smart dog that she would bring me things the children gave to her and told her to take to mommy. I miss her.

6. I've had a best friend since the 8th grade:
Now this is surely not politically correct, but my best friend bought me in a "slave auction" in the 8th grade. It was in history class and the ickiest girl in class was on the verge of buying me and this other girl I didn't know out bid her. We spent the rest of the week with her pretending that I was the "boss" saying "don't beat me slave". We have been best friends ever since.

7. I have the most wonderful family in the world:
I have never been without a support system. Family has ALWAYS been there. If I found myself far from home, there was always a "cousin", or "uncle", or "aunt" that lived within reach for help. Mom's address book was always full. I would hope that everyone have the sense of security that this gave me. The most wonderful part of this is that this feeling of family has been extended to strangers on more than one occasion, because we are ALL family. It pleases me that I get this feeling all the time with the Internet "family" I'm finding that grows daily.

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Rene said...

Hey hey! I got tagged! Special, special!

#6. Awesome to have a friend that long, ain't it? I'm wary of people who don't have at least one friend in their lives that they've known since at least high school. Unless that person is super old and has out-lived all of his/her friends. See, I figure that high school and before was when you were still you and not the affectation of a personality/identity. And to have a friend in your life who knew then is a great signal to other people that you are still in touch with your "real" self.


Moonshadow said...

René - interesting theory. Has sound basis, though, so I can't say that I disagree. Good to have you on board with the meme fun! Let me know when you've posted yours.

Meghna said...

Thank you. But I have just posted this 'meme' 2 days back in my blog, which was passed to me by PetVlr. So, I think I'll have to pass this this time. Sorry, but thanks for the consideration.

Anita said...

I've had a really good friend since kindergarten... 35 years...
I've always wanted to do a geneology of my family, but it just seems overwhelming...

Thanks for tagging me...
I just posted my seven things!

Moonshadow said...

Meghna - looks like PetlVr just beat me to you. Thanks for coming by and letting me know.

Anita - WOW! A friend since kindergarten, something that comes with living in a small town I imagine. If you think you'd really like to try to do your family history I'd be glad to help you out. Just let me know, I'm a little rusty but I'm sure I could find my way around the research info.

And Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Peter said...

Hi! moonshadow. Love your meme post and thank you for taking this on board. Very much appreciated!

As for ourselves we don't have any grandchildren yet and the wife is dreading that moment if and when it happens. With three adult boys something is bound to happen sooner or later.

I love Number 7 the most. The most important thing in anyones life if all goes according to plan.


Moonshadow said...

It's been fun, Peter.

Tell your wife that there's really nothing to dread about having grandchildren as long as you establish yourself as a grandparent and not "handy babysitter". My mother told me before I ever had children that she had raised her children and I was to raise my children. Not that my children didn't spend time with their grandparents, it was just on their terms. So I followed suit and told my children the same thing, though I think I've "babysat" far more than my partents ever did, it's still been on MY terms.

Saying the above almost sounds contrary to number 7, but it's not. It's a matter of being there but setting boundries, respecting people and their time. Also about #7, it was funny, one year I was responsible for information for one of our family reunions and I put together a little pocket sized address book instead of a list on a sheet. Whimsically I titled it "The Best Little Bed and Breakfast Guide". I don't know if you have Bed and Breakfast's there, they're a type of lodging alternative to hotel/motel with a more homey atmosphere. Anyway, for the most part it went over GREAT, except with the wife of one of the cousins. She wouldn't want HER family to have an address book like that because some of them would come to stay and wouldn't leave. LOL

MS said...

Hi Moonshadow! Interesting life indeed.

I'm gonna pass on this tagging, because I don't have a personal blog to do it on. Sorry!


Peter said...

Hi! I gave my wife the advice. Now I think I’ve put the mocker on myself. As for babysitting, I’ve done that for our friends and loved it. But it was good to give them back at the end of the day. I’m bit of an old softy when it comes to that.

Our children have moved to Townsville, Queensland so it would be difficult for us to baby-sit for them. With the high cost of childcare it would be good to help them out when it happens.

Neither of our parents babysat for us but they weren’t in a position to. We were lucky as the lady next door did the babysitting for us for a fee, which she gave to her son.

We have family reunions from time to time. The old BBQ and esky comes in handy. For the big ones most people will stay in motels with a few staying with relatives. None have ever threatened to stay for good, thank god!



I'm sorry this is so off topic here - but I just had to come and tell you thank you! Now come peeky at my bloggy!! :)
You made my whole month by the way!