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Saturday, November 10, 2007

My First Award

Anita, from PRAIRIE DREAMS, awarded me the You Make Me Smile Award... It is my pleasure to be given the opportunity to put a smile on Anita's face whenever I might be able with the challenges that she and her family face every day since the tornado. The rest of us gasped and cried "How horrible" when it happened, but we have been able to carry on as usual. So for Anita to say that I have given her a reason to smile is a GREAT HONOR! Thank you, Anita, I will try to live up to the award.

Now I am to award 10 other bloggers in the same manner...

1. Wendy at WichitaKsDailyPhoto - Seeing the wonderful pictures that Wendy takes of Wichita along with her witty comments ALWAYS makes me smile.

2. Terry at Bent Objects - Terry is probably making millions of people smile daily now. If you haven't checked out Bent Objects then you're really missing out.

3. Cindy at My Recycled Bags - Recycling should make everyone smile and Cindy does an unbelievable job of making plastic grocery bags look like a high dollar bag.

4. Kathy at The Junk Drawer - Kathy doesn't make me smile, she totally cracks me up!!! From her "Food That Looks Like Stuff" to her Noise Support Group. You really need to check out the Junk Drawer.

5. Mike at Reality Is Over Rated - Mikster is the first one to make me smile as a new blogger. I hope he can find time to receive this award as that he has recently had a fire in his home and is busy cleaning up. Mike you desire this award!

6. Peter at St Vincent's Hospital Male Nurses - Peter has been a good blogger friend. I have enjoyed our conversations

7. Dan at Dan Hanosh's Dreams Are Yours To Share - Dan you work so hard at trying to get people to smile I just thought it would be appropriate to give you this award. You certainly have been working at earning it.

8. astanton at Frustration by design - A. Stanton is a new friend, but he made me smile the first post of his I read because I totally resonated with his frustration in the work place. Anyone having to deal with such incompetence on a daily basis deserves a "You Make Me Smile" award. Remember A. Stanton, smile, it scares the "s**t out of them because they don't know what you could possibly have to smile about.

9. ravyn and lisa at SlaughterHouse Studios - This blog has made me smile since the first time I happened upon it. I just absolutely LOVE the little Poppets. You can't help but smile at the creativity in all their art. Thank You for sharing.

10. Jim and Emma GO! Smell the flowers - Making people smile is what they do at GO! Smell the flowers.

Copy the award above to your blog and, those of you that can, go award 10 people that make YOU smile!


Peter said...

Gidday! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. See, things do come in threes. I feel as pleased as punch now, thanks to you. Oops, that makes four. You deserve them all!


GO! Smell the flowers said...

Many thanks for this and on behalf of everyone at GO! Smell the flowers we'd like to thank you for this award!

We'll post about this honour over at flowers and keep it moving!

Healthy Rgds,
Jim & Em for and on behalf of,
GO! Smell the flowers.

Anita said...

Thank YOU! You have been a good friend here, in the Blogworld, and have brought to my attention a lot of really fabulous site, too, that also have made me smile... :)

The Junk Drawer said...

Junk Drawer is pleased to accept this award on behalf of Kathy, who is still sleeping right now. She would like to thank each and every person who’s ever visited her blog, whether intentionally, or because they got lost and then couldn’t find their way out. Thank you, Kansas Born. You’ve made Kathy’s day!

RecycleCindy said...

Thank you so much for this award. I appreciate it so much. I've never been awarded anything before for myrecycledbags.com blog site. And the company that I've been awarded with is very humbling. Thanks!


Terry said...

Thanks for the award! It's now official, I've made at least one person smile! I rock so hard!

Someone gave an award to my blog a few months ago and I couldn't figure out how to pick it up and put it on my blog. I'll try harder this time! Maybe I've gotten smarter.

Moonshadow said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by to pick up your awards! just copy the award to your computer and place it on your blog as you would any picture. Have fun passing on the good feelings!

Dan Hanosh said...


Thank you so very much . . . It has been a very hectic weekend, I've just finished my email from Saturday. Thank you so much, I will gladly pass on the award . . . So many are much more deserving than me. A smile, a wave can change the world . . . Dreams are yours to share. Thanks Dan

Lisa McGlaun said...

What a pretty award. And after doing some reading..I see it's well deserved.

This is my first visit and it's been a pleasant one..:)

Moonshadow said...

Welcome to my blog, Lisa! Thank you for the compliment. Stop by often.

mikster said...

Wow...and thanks. It's a shame it took me so long to acknowledge this. It's much appreciated.

Moonshadow said...

LOL - Hey Mike, I just caught my typo. I do hope you know that I meant you deserve the reward. I wonder how "desire" slipped in there instead? Just glad to see you're back!