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Friday, November 23, 2007

Being Thankful for Family

Another wonderful day of being thankful and breaking bread with friends and family. This Thanksgiving, as with many Thanksgivings, we spent at my brother and sil's home. Which in itself is amazing since sil had back surgery this last year and has had difficulty in healing. We have much to be thankful for, health issues and all, everyone seemed to be doing fairly well on this day. As always, there was more than enough food. I got a few shots, of carving the turkey...
...and some of the food out on the counter. But I didn't get a shot after all the food was put out.
A few shots of everyone eating, but most people don't like getting pictures taken while they're eating, so I don't take many. I love that my brother is still sitting at the kids table, he always said that he refuses to grow up. Three of the four children at the table are his grandchildren, the fourth is my granddaughter.
Then my son decided to watch "Shrek the Third" (?) and over half of us joined in on watching.
I just realized that I didn't get any pictures of the desserts. There were carrot cake bars, peanut butter pie, pumpkin, apple, cheese cakes and I'm not sure what all else. More than enough for everyone. Mom always brings disposable food containers so anyone that wants to can take leftovers home for later. I hope your Thanksgiving was a good and memorable time for you also.


Bob Johnson said...

Seems like you had a nice thanksgiving,thats great I'm up here in Canada watching a special on CNN on the Americans Black Friday, never heard of that term before, must have been living in a shell all this time, be careful Christmas shopping,lol

Anita said...

Great pictures!

Moonshadow said...

Man!! I'm back! All evening I've been having internet problems. They said it was my DSL modem, but all of sudden it's now working?

Bob - Welcome! Friday after Thanksgiving has long been known to be the "official" start of the Christmas holiday. The day to put up the lights, set up the tree and GO SHOPPING! The stores initially offered really good sales and then they started opening earlier and earlier. Wikipidia traces the phrase to 1970. My son in retail only recalls it being used for the past couple of years. RadioShack refers to it as Hot Friday. I don't shop till later, I don't like the crowds.

Anita - Thanks! Always glad to have you come by!

Anita said...

I celebrated "Buy Nothing Day" yesterday... It's a world wide event that is gaining in popularity every year... I never shop in malls anyway, I hate shopping, but that is one day I NEVER go out... lol
Almost all of my Christmas is homemade this year... a few things from eBay... lol

Peter said...

Hi! Your family sounds just like ours. We love our food, we love having close family over for get togethers and we love watching TV whilst eating or shortly afterwards. I too refuse to grow up and act my age. But I can live with that. Hmmm!! that turkey sure looks good!

Peter McCartney

Moonshadow said...

Anita - I seemed to have missed your last post. The hubby hates shopping, we had a tradition of going out on Christmas Eve together to pick up the majority of our gifts. Special things I would have already gotten. Anymore, the grands are getting to the age I don't know what to get them and they prefer cash anyway. I used to do a lot of homemade items, but.... (maybe I'll expand on this another day). I must've picked up a bug from one of the kids, running a fever this morning and achey all over. Yech!

Moonshadow said...

Hi, Peter! Like I said in the post above, not feeling to good this morning. Thanks for stopping by! I'm not surprised that our families are a lot alike. Oh, there were two turkeys; one smoked and one baked/basted. Then there was ham, too! I sampled it ALL!