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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Night Out OR What a Night!

Hubby didn't have school because his teacher was out of town so my son and his wife came over and we all went to Mulvane in our car to shoot pool. I took some really bad video on my phone of the son & yf, I need to see if the lens is dirty. Hubby's brother was waiting for us when we got there. We all had something to eat, hubby's treat. Dil picked up on how play pretty quick, her form was looking pretty good by the end of the night. We left around 11pm and that's when the excitment began... just ouside of Clearwater we (I was driving) came up on a couple nice size horses in the road. I was able to break in time to keep from hitting them but it was close. After counting my blessings I turned around and pulled in at the house we had just passed. Son got out and rang the doorbell a couple times before he knocked on the door and finally a light came on. He told the guy that came to the door about the horses and the guy said they were his. Shad told him which way they had gone and we left. We couldn't see them when we went back by where they had been. I hope he got them rounded up. Going through Clearwater I was chattering away and I guess in did a rolling stop at the only stop sign going through town. Anyway a Clearwater cop pulled me over. When he told me I had failed to stop I protested and told him that I HAD stopped. He took my license and insurance card and went back to his car. After sitting there for a while another car crossed Main street at an intersection just down the street and another patrol car took off after it. The officer that stopped me came to my window, handed me back my license and insurance and said that I could go, he had to go help the other officer. So I guess I lucked out. What a night. We made it back home without anything else happening, thank goodness.


whitetrashgoddess said...

OOOH you got so lucky! I always get nailed with a ticket - I swear like the three times I ever in my life decided to park on the wrong side of the street for just one tiny minute I got smacked with one! LOL!
I always worry about the deer this time of year as well, but I guess I hadn't given much thought too horses - cows - now they are out all the time too. :)

Moonshadow said...

Clearwater has a reputation for handing out tickets. Thing is, I knew this when I drove through, that's why I was SURE I had stopped for the stop sign.

And the horses and cows are usually bigger and more solid than the deer. The horse on the road last night were some good size, healthy horse from what I saw of them. They took off pretty quick when we got right up to them.

Anita said...

Sheesh! What a night!!

Cindy said...

Sounds like you had quite enough excitement for one night! You got lucky on that traffic stop too. Luck was on your side as the cop got called away to back up another officer. Take care and hope this evening is more mellow.