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Thursday, December 3, 2009

K-5 Christmas Concert

The Kindergarten through 5th grade concert was the other night and my son's three children were performing. PK is in Kindergarten this year. See her standing in the first row center below?
His one son (I'm still working on a nickname for him) is in 3rd grade this year. That's him on the center top row in the picture below. I really like the song they were singing here, "Children Go Where I Send Thee" but it was REALLY long. Over 6 minutes. If I can get the video to load I will include a short clip of this performance.
And the Princess is in the 5th grade. That's her center 2nd row from top.
Their performance of "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" got them exuberant applause...
...for their dancers. The audience really enjoyed this.
I didn't get a good picture of the band because they sat in the dark. You can see below where they sat in front of the stage.

Just a little sampling of the Christmas Concert.

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Peter said...

The kids look great! Reminds me of the school rock eisteddfods I was involved in when I was young! Oh! To be young again!

Take Care,