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Monday, December 14, 2009

Golden Wheat AHSGR Christmas Party

It is the opinion of many members that there is just as much 'food' at our Christmas party snack table as there is at our other meetings with covered dish dinners.
I would like to point out the little wedge sandwiches just past the bright green bowl. These are cream cheese sandwiches that I made without using any particular recipe. To my surprise many people wanted to know what the ingredients were. I will have to post the 'recipes' at a later date.
The quartet did a wonderful job of getting us all in the Christmas spirit.
We had a nice large attendance this year, the weather was accommodating for a nice change.
Harold's 'fractured' version of "The Night Before Christmas"...
...had more than one member in stitches.
Then what the children had been waiting for... Santa came in through the back door.
All the children went up to see Santa...
...as he went through his bag and called out the names...
...of each of the children that were there.
With an empty bag, Santa wished all a Very Merry Christmas.
The children happily opened their gifts.
The final event was to draw the tickets for the fund raiser gifts. My little PK won the Walt Disney basket.
Her birthday party had been the day before so she had really good weekend.
It was another great gathering of the Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR.

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