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Thursday, December 10, 2009

PK's 6th Birthday

Last Saturday was PK's Birthday party. Each of these balloons contained money. I told her she should wait till the wouldn't float anymore before going after the money. Just to make sure and hang on to them when she heads home.
The birthday girl and a friend were deeply engrossed in a movie.
But the boys were outside with the Nerf guns, a favorite past time at this house.
First was playtime and snacks.
Then it was cake time. PK was happy to have a horse gracing her birthday cake.
Below was just after we all sang 'Happy Birthday' and the reason for the laughter is that PK goes by two names. At school they call her by her first name but at home most of us call her by her middle name because she and her aunt share first names. So both names were sang by different people at the party.
Her daddy had a surprise for her, a paddle for her birthday spanking and it even had 'Happy Birthday' engraved on it. Of course, it was just a joke, there was NO birthday spanking.
Then it was time to open the presents.
A pretty pink outfit and lots of craft items. All of her favorite things.
Tinkerbell, stickers and markers...
...and beads to snap together in pretty combinations.
And lastly the BIG box...
Oh! a trick. More wrapped presents inside the BIG wrapped present.
More horses to add to her herd, just what she wanted.
Daddy kidding around at the end of a wonderful party.
Have a wonderful year sweety!

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