Random Acts of Living

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are Your Presents Wrapped?

Finished up my Christmas shopping yesterday and got all my presents wrapped. It's a short stack of presents this year...
...but that's because we give out more money cards nowadays than actual presents.
With so many choices of things to buy it's much easier to just give them money and let them buy what they want rather than have to return something they might already have had or even gotten two of. I hope all your shopping's done so now you can sit back and relax and enjoy being with friends and family!


Kansas A said...

I'm starting to go that way too with some people. I bought three gift cards this year, not something I normally do, but some guys are tough to buy or make for and gift cards fit the bill. Although I did make an "explosion box" to put them in. :)

Moonshadow said...

The "explosion boxes" sound interesting. I think my little granddaughter was feeling a little left out when all the other kids got envelopes and she didn't. I bought her a ballet outfit and bag then put a money card with a little money in the bag. So when the kids got their money cards I had to tell her not to worry, she'd be getting one too.