Random Acts of Living

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Forgot the Olives

I thought my guacamole, cream cheese & turkey mix looked a bland. It obviously needed black olives.
Here's the two mixes the next day, side by side. They could be served in any number of ways. Rolled up on tortillas or placed out in bowls surrounded by crackers.
I spread them on wheat bread. I wasn't going for 'fancy' so I didn't remove the crusts.
And I stacked them as tightly as I could get them...
...so all of them would fit on one platter. This is what I made from one loaf of bread.
I didn't use up all the mix so I made up two roll ups and ate the rest with crackers.


Anonymous said...

Black Olives are GREAT.
Green olives suck.....
OK carry on.

Moonshadow said...

Welcome to my blog, Sekan. Thank you for visiting. My granddaughter would agree with you about the olives. I prefer the black olives for cooking and the green for snacking. :)