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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pizza from Scratch

I had never made pizza completely from scratch before but I was inspired by another blogger to give it a go. She's vegetarian so I don't keep on hand the same ingredients that she uses, but I was inspired none the less. While my pizza dough was making in the bread machine (I substituted 1/2 c. bread flower for 1/2 c. whole wheat). I started cooking tomatoes for the sauce.
Since I had more yellow tomatoes I decided that was what I was going to make my sauce out of. The finished sauce looked strange but had a wonderful flavor. Yellow tomatoes are sweeter than red as a general rule so I didn't add sugar as most pizza sauce recipes call for.
Below is all the ingredients for my pizza with the pizza dough in the back waiting to be rolled out. The meat in the lower left bowl is sliced ham and turkey.
My pizza cooker instructions say to brush the dough with butter and cook for 5 minutes at 300F. I brushed my dough with olive oil.
Then I spread on my tomato sauce and covered it all with my meats. One half I am putting everything on and the other half will be in three sections. One just meat, one everything but onion and the third with everything. This is for the three grandchildren that were visiting. All of it is covered with mozzarella cheese.
Then the lid is put on the cooker and I cook the pizza for half an hour at 250F
Because everybody was hungry I forgot to get a picture of the whole pizza before serving it up. This cooker doesn't brown the cheese on top and I'm just learning what works but I'd say that this pizza turned out pretty darn good. The grandkids ate theirs anyway.
Do you have a favorite pizza dough recipe? I'd be interested to hear what you like.


Anita said...

Looks yummy :)
I'm not a big pizza fan, so I don't make it much... but all my favorite toppings are veggies :)

Tanya said...

Hey, that looks great! I bet using the pizza cooker would use up less energy than turning on a whole oven?? Hmmmm....anyway, I still have half my pizza dough left in the freezer. You're making me want to make another one!

Moonshadow said...

Anita - I had to put meat on it for the hubby. I could have gone all veggie myself.

Tanya - It tasted great, too! Thanks for inspiring me. Another thing I've found I like about the pizza cooker is that once the pizza is made I can turn the cooker down real low and keep the pizza hot. With the lid on it the pizza doesn't get all dried out, either. I put half my dough in the feezer, too. Pizza for another day.

Peter said...

Well there you go! Another contraption I've never seen or heard of...a pizza cooker, and, probably just as well as I'm on a diet!

Take Care,