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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

K-Monster's Halloween Birthday

Saturday was Halloween and K-Monster's birthday is a couple days prior so my daughter held his birthday party so they all could go trick or treating afterward.
New decorations this year was the giant black pumpkin and black cat whose head went back...
...and forth.
There was the ghoul in the old pickup truck, the bones on that dash light up and what's left of the old spider they had built several years ago.
Saturday was a beautiful, sunshiny day. After eating pizza they all went outside and played on the trampoline and with the Nerf guns.
Little PK had my old camera and was being a shutterbug. I'll post some her pictures later.
My brother brought his new toy, and Airsoft gun, that the boys had fun shooting at pop cans and Styrofoam plates.
K-Monster had a giant cookie instead of a decorated cake.
And we sang 'Happy Birthday' but there were no candles.
After cake/cookie and ice cream it was time to open the presents. Most of his presents came in the form of cards with money in them, which was just fine with him.
Then we were directed outside where his new bicycle and Nerf gun were waiting for him.
Time for everyone to get dressed up...
Isn't she just the cutest little witch?
Here's our group of Trick or Treaters all ready to gather loads of candy.


Anita said...

How fun!! Great decorations!! Because our family is so tiny and we never get together, I love seeing pictures of your big family get-togethers :)

Peter said...

Hi! Just a quick visit to say I received an invite to Google Wave. Part of the deal is that I can now invite people myself by adding their email address within my wave site so they too can have access to Google Wave. If you are interested please let me know.

Take Care,

René said...

I can't remember at what age I was when I made the switch to just asking for money as a gift. I have a pretty large extended family and we usually get together for Christmas which means my parents' house is packed full with all of my cousins. At one point in the evening we'll all just line up for our envelopes of cash. Helps pay down a couple of credit card bills every year.