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Friday, July 31, 2009

Watching My Garden Grow and other things...

I can't believe it's already Friday (and Friday's almost over), where did the week go? Monday, my dad was in the hospital, more of the health problems that he's been plagued with in recent times. The husband and I went to town to pay him a visit and see how he was doing then took the opportunity to do some shopping making it an all day trip. Dad was feeling better by the time we got up to see him and went home on Tuesday. My Tuesday and Wednesday was filled with grandkids. I had anywhere from 3 to 6 grands playing in the yard and pool. I gathered up my little walkie talkies that I had bought several years ago to use on the 4th of July, put new batteries in them and issued each grandchild one. I think they thought it neat when I called them in for lunch using my walkie talkie. Thursday was quiet and that's when I took the first of the pictures posted below...

This picture was taken around 10am and shows my lettuce, arugula and cabbage in the shade.
A good garden shot. My tomatoes, okra and peppers aren't producing yet. The tomatoes have set on, but they need to ripen yet.
As I was walking over to the small garden something caught my eye and there about six feet from me perched two doves. I think they must be young, they sat there for the longest time, letting me take pictures.
When they flew off they didn't go far, just to the other side of the playhouse. The pallet is the one I set down as a bridge over the mud. This day was actually on the cool side so I imagine the wood was warm in the sunshine.
Over to the small garden and the snow peas. I was trying to focus on the pod in the middle of this shot but I was using an auto focus setting and it didn't focus on it. There's a nice pod to the left though.
The watermelon are looking pretty and growing.
Thursday afternoon I mowed and trimmed the lawn. I didn't get all the detail work done but I was working on it till it started getting dark. Below is a nice shot of the whole garden right around noon. You can see that the greens are still being shaded by the tree.
Here's a shot from the end of the garden. I can't believe how green everything is for this time of the year. I'm going to have find out what vegetables do well in partial shade, that tree is going to get quite big. It's a mulberry and I think it might be a non-bearing mulberry. If that's the case I really want to keep it.
Here's the pumpkin patch on Friday. See the pumpkin in the center of the picture. There's quite a few pumpkin growing.
Remember the pumpkin in the previous post? Here's the same pumpkin on Friday. Before it was hanging from the vine. Now it's sitting on the ground. It's about the size of a volleyball.
Backtracking... late last night I went out to the studio so I could paint the back door. With all the rain we've had and with more coming in I really needed to get it painted. When I got out to the studio I had to turn off all the fans because it was just that cool out. The end of July and it was cool out.
I also needed to paint the post for my new mailbox. This is what I painted last night. Today I went out and painted the rest of it. Now I just need my son to have a day off to set it up.
Lots of plants are starting to bloom. I hadn't noticed but my airplane (spider?) plant is blooming. What do you call this houseplant? Can you see that the wind was blowing a bit?
It was fun trying to get a closer picture of the flowers and they moved in the breeze.
I keep hearing that school will start soon, doesn't seem like summer should be over all ready. This summer has just felt "off" to me. What about you? How has your summer been?


Bob Johnson said...

I love your Dove shots, very cool, I would like to have seen you call the grandkids on the walkie talkie though. Cool you can grow watermelon.

Michelle Johnson said...

I love those dove pictures. That first one especially. They are precious. Your pumpkins look to be doing well. I bet you can't wait for Halloween?

Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he's feeling better now.

Moonshadow said...

Bob - The kids have done real well with the walkie talkies, remembering to turn them off when they're not playing with them. Buying batteries has been the real hesitation about letting them play with them. You can't grow watermelon where you are? I'm sorry.

Michelle - I hope our pumpkins mature and the squash bugs don't kill them off before then.

The Doves - We have lots of doves around here, perching on our power lines, cooing away.