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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #8

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This is going to be a long one today since I didn't get my pictures posted from the past couple of days. Remember how my small garden looked the other day? Here it is the day after I got the most of it cleaned up with K-Monster checking out the pumpkin.
I still have some grass to clean out in the pumpkin patch, but I may just not worry about it as that the pumpkin appear to be taking over the area pretty well. The pumpkin below was about the size of a softball.
The snow peas are climbing on up the chicken wire and in bloom.
And the watermelon can be seen better now that the grass is out of the way.
Trying to come up with a solution to the triangular windows in the playhouse, I've done a little experimenting. I cut a piece of hail screen to fit and then adhered an old shower curtain to it with some silicone seal. This looks rather tacky right now, I put it up quickly because we had rain predicted and the plastic I had up was shredded.
I have an idea for this cluttered area behind my showerhouse, but not sure how well it will work out. First I have to find somewhere else to store all that's here. I think this would make a lovely place for a table and chairs. It's shady and cool most of the time and my studio is just to the right side of this picture. The only real big set back is that the tree giving the shade is a mulberry tree and some years it's been really productive.
Saturday the wiring was put in and the trench filled, partially in the rain. My son came over just as it started sprinkling. Most of the trench was filled in before the rain was too heavy.
Now to my Sunday pictures. Here's a nice shot of the little garden after the rain laid the bedding down.
The pumpkin flowers are huge! But so are the leaves.
When you live in a small town, every little noise can get your attention. I was out on my front porch the other day and heard an engine sound that was unfamiliar and noticed my neighbors down the road had a cherry picker in their yard. I didn't get to my camera quick enough to get a picture of them with it extended all the way up looking over the city. I heard the boy say, "Hey, I can see the pool from here!" Anyway, as I was out taking pictures this morning I hear an airplane. Our airport is across the football field from us (used to be a field/cow pasture) and when the children were little they would watch the planes do their Touch'n Goes from their swingset. The planes would fly over the waving children and dip their wings at them.
See the little spot in the center of the picture? That's the plane circling back the other direction.
The building with the white roof in the center of the picture is the airport as seen from my backyard.
The Rose of Sharon are in bloom.
This Rose of Sharon has a strange branch, it looks like it has divided and multiplied since last year. The leaves on this branch are white or variegated green and white.
The Rose of Sharon in the front yard is loaded with buds but only a few blooms today.
You wouldn't know to look at it that I almost lost this bush several years ago. We had one really rainy year and the roots on this bush rotted out. I had been told to dig it up and toss it, but it still had some green so I didn't. Now it's bigger than it ever had been before.
My marigolds are getting nice and bushy and just starting to bloom. I had bought these long planters to put up on the edge of my porch. They just never felt comfortable there and were sat down by the steps to get them out of the way. I really like the way they looked with the flowers in them on either side of my steps, so that's where they stay.
Thanks for coming by and visiting with me on my lazy Sunday stroll around my yard. Not a lot happening in this small town today. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Small Town Snapshot Sunday


Wendy said...

Hey, what a great tour of the homestead! I can't get over those pumpkin leaves. HOLY COW!! I've never tried to grow a pumpkin before. My son spit some seeds from a watermelon into the front flower bed (much to my husband's dismay) and they are growing! I'm not sure if watermelons will appear or not but we are trying!

Moonshadow said...

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. My granddaughter gave me a pumpkin plant last year that she had started at school. We planted it on the backside of the cucumber fence. The plant looked nice but never produced. The leaves on it didn't get near as large as these, either. Melon and squash plants are usually pretty easy to get growing. Let me know how your watermelon does.

Michelle Johnson said...

Our neighbors threw some pumpkin seeds over the embankment of their yard and produced some pumpkins one year. I haven't been back down there to see if more produced yet. Maybe I will tonight. Your flowers look really nice too.

Renee and Cullen said...

I seem to have a brown thumb this year. No rain makes for a dry garden. :-) Please come see our small town entry, too: http://neeneessoapshop.blogspot.com/2009/07/snapshot-sunday-on-way-to-arkansas-2.html. We have a linky on our page if you're interested. Love keeping small towns alive for everyone!

Moonshadow said...

Michelle - there's a lot of plants out there that would be "weeds" if we'd let them. My compost often has some kind of melon growing out the edges where it hasn't gotten hot enough to decompose.

R&C - We seem to be having just about enough rain. I watered the other day and I shouldn't have. I don't remember when I've seen things this green this time of year. I'm heading over to check out your link.

Peter said...

Hi! I love my pumpkin! Especially when my eldest son delivers them to our front door.

Last month he turned up in his big rig after having driven down from the top end of Australia with 20 tonnes of pumpkin on board.

I hope they don't miss two of them that he gave us!

Take Care,

Maggie May said...

You are a hard worker!

Moonshadow said...

Peter - I hadn't really planted pumpkin before. Last year we had one the the granddaughter had started at school. But it didn't do well. I need to go get another picture of the pumpkin in this post, it's getting huge. 20 tonnes of pumpkin!!! Wow. No I don't think they'll miss two. :)

Maggie May - Thanks! When I works, I works hard! :)