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Monday, July 13, 2009

Princess Birthday

Saturday, July 11, was the Princess's family birthday party. It was a scorcher outside so the children spent most of their time in the pool. Here even the dog is being encourage to cool off in the pool.
He got in and got wet, but I don't think it something he wants to do again.
I finally got my wire fence support put on top of the bars for my shelter and secured the tarp over it.
We BBQ'd hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and chicken and had a feast before the party.
My shelter turns into an outdoor kitchen with a sink handy in the showerhouse nearby.
My Arts/Crafts studio is still under construction but works well for outdoor parties.
After eating and before cake and ice cream the children all ventured to the park and town to see what all was going on with the city festivities. The nice thing about living in a small town is that you CAN send the group of children to the park or town they know most everyone they come in contact with.
Here's the birthday Princess with her cake and candles.
With all the fans we had going we weren't sure if we could keep the candles lit.
A Happy Birthday song and all the candles get blown out.
She's very happy with her presents, music Cd's to add songs to her MP3 player.
Oh! and here's one she's been wanting.
It's Jo Jo.
Now for the big gift...
...this one causes here sister to sit up a little taller to look.
A beautiful Barbie to add to her collection.
On to the cards... Cards and cash...
...and fun things like scratch N sniff.
The Princess is happy to see cash because she's been talking about saving up enough money to buy herself another hamster.
Her Great-Grandparents made it out to help celebrate also.
We wrapped up the party early because of the heat. The Princess, her mother and siblings stuck around for front row seating for the fireworks. We teased the Princess that she should send the city a thank you note for the nice fireworks for her birthday. I'll try to get a slide show put together of fireworks later today.


Michelle Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Princess. Looks like you had a nice day. You're the envy of the block with all those great presents.

And, Moonshadow I'm looking forward to seeing those fireworks displayed. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

Moonshadow said...

Everyone should feel special on their birthday! :)