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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Arts/Crafts Studio & Digging Ditches

The son is on vacation and he's spending the most of that working on my Arts/Crafts Studio. He's installed a back door that will give me access to my showerhouse.
Here's a look at the inside with the back door open, this increased the airflow drastically.
The next big improvement was to run power out to the studio. To bury the line we had to dig a ditch 2 1/2 ft deep.
We used the tiller to loosen the dirt and then the grandchildren helped to scoop it out.
Later that night, the ditch is much deeper and I have different grandchildren helping.
Working hard, but will pose for a photo.
My son adjusting the belt on the tiller.
There was a point when we had to stop using the big tiller because the guard was rubbing against the walls.
I have a tiller attachment for my weedeater, that's it on the ground to the left, that we used to loosen the ground dig out but we hit a point where we weren't making any headway because the ground was so hard. My son called a friend and he and another friend came out to help dig. If the friend hadn't come out it would have taken us forever to finish. But as you can see, the conduit is down and ready for wire.
If you look closely at the middle of the picture you will see one of the friends on the ground putting conduit into the bottom of the studio.
This is what he was working on...
At the house end the conduit is propped up out of the ditch...
Here's my son and the friend getting the box ready to go on the wall.
Here's the two workers that were up all night with me filling in the trench. The younger one couldn't believe he's stayed up all night. He said he's never done that before.
Here's the box all hooked up to wire but no power yet.
By light of the next day the trench is filled back in...
Though it was quicker and easier than digging it out it was still a lot of work!
A few days later we had power out the to the studio!


Michelle Johnson said...

I bet you're getting so excited to move your crafts into your studio. You'll have to take a picture when you get everything in there. I can't believe you got all this work done so quickly. You guys have been really busy. See ya later.

Moonshadow said...

Work on the studio has slowed back down again, the son is back to work at his paying job. But I certainly will post updates as it progresses. We owe our quick progress to the son's friends.