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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Showerhouse

This is The Showerhouse. The building was purchased from ALL SIZE SHED CO. (http://www.allsizeshed.com/) in Wichita KS. I'm not getting anything to promote them, I just like their product. They brought out the shed fully built and dropped it in my yard. My son did the rest. Looking directly in the open doors are the blue and pink toilet doors. I had thought about getting cute "his" and "hers" signs, but I think the pink and blue doors are far more effective.

A closer shot...

To the left of the toilet doors are shelves that start about halfway up the wall and go all the way to the where the roof starts. I have baskets with the grandkids names on them that hold their swimsuits, towels and goggles. I also have extra towels plus flip-flops, sunscreen and other supplies. Under the shelves is storage room for the tables and chairs for my dining area (tablecloths and candles are also on the shelves). The green basket on the floor is for wet items which I launder every night and return to their baskets and shelf the next day.

To the right of the toilet doors is the showerroom door and the sink. The sink is a free standing laundry room sink which was quite affordable and I love the large size. I used shoe bags on the front and back of the shower room door to store things like brushes, combs, hair clips, etc. On the showerroom side I stored washclothes, first aide items, and misc. Above the showerroom you can see storage area that covers a little over half of the showerroom. Over the shower stall it's open to the ceiling where we installed a solar exhaust fan in the sky light (partially seen in the photo below).

Next is looking into the girls toilet room. The boys is a mirror image of the girls. These are sawdust toilets. I read about sawdust toilets online, http://www.weblife.org/humanure/. More information about "humanure" can be found at, http://humanurehandbook.com/. When these toilets are properly maintained they do not smell and I have never had any problems with flies. With the toilets handy I have no problem with children running in and out of the house in wet suits and I believe it helps to discourage peeing in the pool. This year I've added a wicker shelf in the girls room that I keep first aide supplies in, plus my swim basket along with my daughter and daughter-in-law's on an upper shelf. Note the vent on the floor, there's one just like it in the boys room and one in front of the shower in the shower room. These allow cool air from under the shed to rise up and the exhaust above the shower assists the circulation by drawing the hot air out.

This is with the showerroom door open, shoe bags hanging on either side. The sink is to the right and the showerroom is to the left.

This is just inside the showerroom door, the shower is on the left.
This is the shower. Originally we attempted to build a water tower to heat and hold water, but had no luck with water pressure (the tower was later used to build the deck on the pool). We could not find a container that we could pressurize adequately. We ended up just laying out black hose on the the roof of the shed which gets the water really hot, but only when the sun is shining and only for the length of the hose. The internal plumbing is all PVC which is externally connected via garden hose. The drain for the sink and shower extends out back where we dug down about 3ft deep, 4ft wide and 2ft long. The opening of the drain pipe extends in the the bottom of this hole which is then layered with about a foot of sand on the bottom then about a foot of rock and then covered with dirt. This type of drainage will be sufficient since we will only be running water and soap through it (and sometimes bleach water when I clean). Things that will not hurt the environment. In the shower stall I keep a couple kinds of shampoo and conditioner and bath soap. I also have disposable razors.

The pictures below are to the right of the showerroom door. The drawers hold swimsuits of all sizes and shapes. Not having a swimsuit is no excuse for not swimming in my pool. The neighbor boys come over and swim with my grandson all the time, because I supply swimsuits. On the shelf I have cocoa butter, aloe jell for sunburns, deodorant, cotton swabs and kleenex.

I try to keep my showerhouse pretty well supplied with whatever might be needed and it is well used, especially by the grandkids.

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