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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Playhouse

This is the Playhouse. It is made primarily from old doors. The triangular area at the end is a window that lifts open on hinges, but the plastic that we had in it didn't last long and we haven't had time to get plexiglas put in it. The other end has a window also. The two pieces sticking up on the far end are solar panels for the one light in the playhouse and 5 lights on the stage (I'll post a picture with the stage at the end of this blog). My son and daughter built this playhouse for me one summer day a couple years ago. We didn't have a written plan, only an idea.

This is looking in the door. Step right in, please! You'll have to duck.

Inside to the right is the ladder to the loft and under it and across the end is the kitchen.

The kitchen has a cooler for a refrigerator and a real sink, but we haven't gotten water or drain hooked up yet. There is a door for the "oven" in the cabinet next to the sink and at present a toy range with microwave sits on top of the counter.

Another angle on the kitchen.

Here you can see the oven door.

This is looking up at the loft. From the loft you can see out the windows of the large door on the front of the playhouse.

Here's a closeup of the counter under the loft.

The cabinet in the front is what the dishes are kept in.

This is looking in the door and to the back left corner.
This is to the far left looking from in the kitchen. There's a table in the corner but the chairs were outside. The hose hanging in the corner is the "phone" whose other end is outside in the back.
This is looking back towards the door.
Looking out the door from by the ladder.
Here you see the playhouse with the stage to the left. The windows on the yellow door look in to the loft.

These pictures were taken a couple of years ago and now the stage is in need of repair and the playhouse needs painted and the windows fixed.

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O my gosh! What an awesome playhouse!! My little girl would be in total heaven!!!

Thank you for the tips for my garden by the way - I am going to give them a shot. I have some garlic to go and dig up now! LOL!