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Monday, July 16, 2007

Some things I want to share

Every 4th of July my family has a reunion of sorts at my house. It's all about family, having fun and kids. My son and I have been working on making my yard a place to have fun for the last 3 or 4 years. Here is some of what we have accomplished...

These are from July 2007:
The pool with deck built next to it...

We seperated the ladder that came with the pool placing the half with the platform extending into the pool. The platform is screwed to the top of the deck and we replaced the tall handles with smaller ones that are easier to get around. The ladder on the outside of the deck raises up when the pool is not in use, keeping the little ones from climbing in when they are not supervised.

Below you can see the deck behind my granddaughters blowing bubbles. When not in use the ladder is simply raised, it's hinged at the top of the ladder, and I use a bungee cord to secure it as high as I can reach. The building to the left is the showerhouse/outhouse (more about that later).

Here the kids are playing in the sandbox. This isn't the best picture, but the only good one I have from this year. This is the second sandbox we've had, the other was half the size and as much as the kids enjoyed it, we HAD to make this bigger one.

On the right hand side of this picture you can see my lawn mower with the wagon hitched up. All the children come running when I fire it up to take a ride in the wagon. Being in a small town we travel everywhere with it.

Here's a picture of our dining area in the front yard. The chandelier I had gotten for free off of "Freecycle". It was originally electric, but I gutted it and use votive candles in it. The reason it was given away is that one of the globes was missing and I had a difficult time replacing it. The globes on the table are two that were purchased thinking I was buying replacements only to realize they were too big. But a nice big candle and a couple of pie plates make for excellent table candles that match.

In this next picture you see the swimming pool to the left, the fire pit center front and the projection booth with the screen on the side of the house to the right. Beyond the projection booth is the children's playhouse and stage which I will show in a later post.

Here's a pic of my granddaughter and her friends around the fire pit for her 9th birthday sleepover that she had last Friday night. It started with a pool party and BBQ then they gathered round the fire and watched a movie and roasted marshmellows and made s'mores. After they'd had enough sugar they moved closer to the screen and played a Shrek xbox game till mama decided it was time to roll into the sleeping bags in the tent.

Here's a picture of the back side of the tents that we pitched for 4th of July. It gets really cramped in my house if we have to put everyone inside, which the storms have forced us to do on the 4th of July.

That's all for now.

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Oh Wow! Yes I think we do have a lot in common! Our backyards match - but I am missing a few of your details LOL! I want a deck like that for our pool! My dad can't really get in and out on the regular ladder so easily, and he has been talking about a deck like that!!! I spent a good part of my childhood watching my dad recover from back surgery after back surgery. It is not easy to be caretaker. I am really looking forward to reading more here, and you are always welcome to read and comment at my blogs! :)