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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #9

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Most of my days living in a small town is spent at home. I have no shortage of things to occupy my time with. Today I am late posting because I didn't get to sleep till around 5am this morning. Friday I called my BFF and asked if she could come help me put the insulation up in my studio. She had some things that she had to take care of, but sure, she could come out Saturday evening. So we started the evening with a pork sirloin BBQ. I also grilled zucchini dollars from a large zucchini from the garden and boiled corn on the cob from our next door neighbors. So after getting thoroughly stuffed we discussed how we were going to proceed with the insulation project.
We did finally get to work. She did most of what you see done here in the loft.
The whole ceiling needs to be done like the section you see below, only completely across. She and I decided that we're getting to old to try to balance on ladders to do this, so she's going to recruit some younger, abler help to come over and get this done.
She called it a night, it was around 1:30am and went on home. I stayed up and finished the walls that had been left undone so my son could finish the wiring to the showerhouse. I still had a couple small place that needed insulation but I didn't want to pull another package down from the loft and cut it open.
Today I went out to the garden and am fighting a battle against invaders. See the eggs on the leaf? These are squash but eggs and need to be destroy. I flip leaves over daily looking for them. This is the only way I know to combat these bugs. I don't want to use poisons.
The other invader is grasshoppers. I have found about the only way I can catch them is to come up from under the leaf and squish them in it. Otherwise they are too fast for me.
And what the heck is this! I found it when I was search for squash bug eggs.
I think the bugs are why I didn't have any pumpkins last year. See in the picture below how the flowers appear to be turning to gel. This is what all the flowers did on Sadie's plant last year. If you click on picture and enlarge it you will see a juvenile squash but on the leaf just right and above center.
The Rose of Sharon bushes are all a-bloom. Enlarge this one to see it's purplish/pink flowers toward the bottom. This is in the same area where the leaves are white only on the other side.
The Rose of Sharon in frond is in bloom too. Note the newspaper in the middle of my driveway.
I hope everyone is having or has had a Wonderful Sunday!

Small Town Snapshot Sunday


Wendy said...

Thanks for joining in on Small Town Snapshot Sunday! Interesting building project... you are so much more talented than me in that department!

Hey, have you tried Safer Soap or some other kind of soap mixture for combating your bugs? I think you can even mix up some yourself and it's a green solution that you might like.

ladylinoleum said...

I'm envious! Love to build my own studio!

Moonshadow said...

Wendy - I haven't experimented too much with my own bug deterents yet. Years ago I subscribed to Organic Gardening and they had some recipes that used Ivory dish soap, it made everything "stick" to the plant. One recipe used marigold petals or leaves, another garlic. I don't remember what bugs they were deterring. I need to check into it some more.

LL - Thank You! I hope I can try out some of your patterns once I get my studio set up.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, that insulation is a killer! You are braver than I am. I fell in a pile of that stuff when I was helping my husband one time. That was interesting. ha

You're welcome to leave a link to your STSS entry on our page, too.



Moonshadow said...

Well at least you landed on the insulation instead of a hard floor. Thanks for stopping by, I've posted on your blog.