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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hey, Guys! You're the BEST!!!

My BFF called me Sunday night to say that another friend and a co-worker said they'd come over to help Monday after work. I had told her that I'd have steak and beer them so on Monday morning I went to the store to get more food for another BBQ. Monday, after working a full day, my friends show up to work some more. My son had the day also and was there putting up the wallboard when they arrived. The work that I really needed them to do was the open area so my son got out of their way so they could get started.

Putting up the insulation in the center was no easy feat and the heat inside the building didn't help any. I think it got over 100 degrees on Monday.

My son still worked on the wallboard when he could.

I set up tables outside and sat the kids down to eat as soon as it was ready.

Then everyone else ate when they finished up the center section.

I'll get some more pictures later of how much has been done. Right now I just want to thank my friends for the hot, sweaty work they did yesterday. I know that if it hadn't been for them I'd still be struggling with getting it done.


Michelle Johnson said...

What would we do without our friends to pull us through? Your arts/ crafts room is coming right along. Hope all is well.

Moonshadow said...

Yes, it's starting to take shape! Helping each other out is the way it should be for everyone. Makes all involved feel better. :)

Momo Fali said...

Wonderful! Aren't good friends and family just great to have around?!

Moonshadow said...

Helping each other out is what it's all about. :)

Bob Johnson said...

Friends that are willing to sacrifice are too few and far between, glad to see you have your fair share.

Moonshadow said...

But that's how it used to be, Bob, neighbor helping out neighbor. Getting together for a good ol' barn raising. When my youngest was in high school my dad had a roofing 'party'. He invited friends and family over to help him roof his garage. A whole 'army' of people showed up and they got it done in one day. Then finished up with food and beer. Good Times.

Peter said...

Hi! Just let them know that when they've recovered from helping you, they can pack their bags and head over to my place. I've got plenty of work for them, especially the electricans; and me with a son who's one!

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Peter - Sorry it's taken so long to respond. I know at least one of my friends would LOVE to go to your place. Isn't it the pits that the kids grow up and get life's of their own so you can't get them to do all the work you need done? :)