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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Golden Wheat AHSGR August 15, 2009 "Picnic"

Today was the annual Picnic of the Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR. Years back we used to actually meet in a park and grill hamburgers and hot dogs on charcoal grills but few of the member are up to doing this anymore. Our meeting began with the usual great food brought by members in overabundance.
Afterward Harold Popp led us in singing some German songs. Our guest for our program joined in when it was discovered there was no piano available.

Ruth Scheer was our featured guest on the accordion. Because she as already seated and playing we postponed our business meeting and went on with the program.

Ruth told us that she has been playing the accordion for 72 years. She began at the age of 10.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music...

...much of it most of us were familiar with, polkas and songs from the Sound of Music.

Afterward we proceeded with a report from the Convention in Medicine Hat and the rest of the meeting.

Below I have put together a short sampler of singing and music from the meeting.

I found an interesting video on YouTube about Harold and Ruth Scheer...

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