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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Shopping is Done

Yesterday we spent half the day in town and finished up our Christmas shopping. I had already purchased most of the gifts via online purchases. Sure made it a lot less hectic shopping. The main thing I needed to pick up yesterday was for our Christmas meal. At Sam's I decided that I might want to fix some deviled eggs and they had the dozen and a half egg cartons. But for the price of about one and a half of them I could buy two. The catch was that the 2-pack was plastic wrapped together. My thought was I'd be taking a chance on whether there were any broke eggs or not. So, I decided to take a chance....
Well, no eggs were broken, but they shorted me one egg in one of the cartons! Somebody in quality control must have been thinking more about Christmas jollies than what they were doing. I'm just glad, and surprised, that there were no broken eggs.
I guess I better get eggs to boiling! Hope all your troubles are insignificant as mine!

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