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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fleeting Snow

Trying to get caught up on my picture postings. Tuesday the 16th I took these snow pictures. It had started snowing Monday night and Tuesday morning we had this lovely snow cover. The prints going up the center are mine coming in from getting the paper then the mail. The little prints going horizontal across the middle are bunny tracks. I haven't seen them lately but their obviously still around.
The snow was really pretty and there was a nice covering over everything.
Hardly a breeze to blow the snow off branches...
...or into drifts, just piled up where ever it landed.
I was glad I didn't have to get out into it. Going out for the paper and mail was as far as I wanted to venture.
The snow cover lasted till Thursday night. I had gone into my office Thursday late afternoon and I keep the heavy curtains closed to keep the cold out. There had been complete snow cover at that time. Sometime later in the evening I had gotten up and gone to the kitchen, the security light out back had been triggered, probably by a blowing limb, and was on. I was surprised to see the snow was ALL GONE! None to be seen anywhere. I had heard the wind pick up, felt it the coldness blow through my leaky north wall/window, but didn't realize what it was doing to the beautiful white covering outside. I only have to wait there will be snow covering again. But it IS Winter!

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