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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Princess Plays Basketball

The oldest granddaughter is playing basketball this year. Her first game was the morning of December 6th and I didn't have my camera back in time for it. It was also an out of town game the morning of her sister's birthday party. This last game was in town on December 13th.
It started like all basketball games with the jump ball.
Here's the granddaughter looking over the plays.
She's number 17 in the red shirt.
Lot's of arms up there. What to do... what to do.
As you can see by the scoreboard they were behind at the beginning of the 4th quarter...
...most of these girls are new to playing basketball...
...and they had improved from the first game...
...they played hard and it was back and forth quite a bit...
...and the last hoop they made didn't count because of a foul.
The girls didn't win, but they played a good game and will get better with practice.


Peter said...

Wishing you, your family and all the girls in the team a Very Merry Christmas.

I tried the s1600-h with the images but it didn't work in Windows Live Writer. I then tried just using s1600 and I worked just fine. Thanks for the tip and the link to the site you mentioned.

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Hi, Peter! I've missed you. Hope all's been well with you and yours. Glad you figured out how to make the s1600 work.

Peter said...

My, that was quick! Just lately I have been putting everything into my two jobs. There has been little time for anything else unfortunately.

Trying to squeeze out every dollar before Christmas to get our adult children something nice.

Like you, we try to help out our little big ones the best we can.

Take Care,

Anita said...

Great shots! Looks like a lot of fun... :)

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, love the shots, I remember fondly taking my oldest to her basketball games, they were all new to it as well, didn't have a camera back then,wish I did.