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Friday, December 19, 2008

K-Monster's 3rd Basketball Game

I'm running behind in getting my posts up - K-Monster's game was Monday, Dec. 15 at home. K-Monster is #31.
Here's a collage with K-Monster blocking, dribbling and whatever else the moves are called. Click on the picture to enlarge it and see if you can locate him. It's a "Where's K-Monster!" game.
This young man with the headband made some impressive moves in the game. Here he made both of his free shots.
I posted this picture because I thought it showed how intense they played.
This is a series shot that you'll probably have to click on to see well. This is the young man with the headband stealing the ball, making his way to home court and making the shot.
Here's another steal but he didn't make the basket on this one.
They didn't win, but they did score and played an awesome game.
And as always, sportsmanship is priority in the game.
Good game boys! Well DONE!!!

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