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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Party for the Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR

Last Sunday, December 07, was the annual Christmas party for our Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR. Every year we ask for donations for a drawing of several wonderful gifts. Most years this includes a quilt. This year it also included an afghan and shawl made about 40 years ago by a woman with German Russian heritage. She is now about 90 years old and her family immigrated to Rush County KS in the 1870s.
At one time also had a banquet, but the prices for catering got a little too high for our aging and membership. I really don't think we have any less food now that we've gone with snacks and finger-foods. It is interesting the different kinds of goodies our members come up with for the Christmas party....

...With it being finger-food, it's very different than what is brought for the covered dish dinners.

There was a table set up with Watkins products and Sondra brought gift bags so items could be purchased and packaged, ready to give for Christmas. Our chapter receives a portion of the sales.

Our entertainment was the harmonious Lighthouse Quartet, a male quartet from Hillsboro.

It was nice to see so many members and their family at the party.

There were door prizes given. Granddaughter won a lovely glass carousel horse music box and grandson (lower left corner) won a mug.

The Christmas Story was read in German and English again this year.

...and Sister did her prize winning Home Demonstration Unit presentation (K-monster loves this).

Then a noise from the back of the room and a hearty "HO-HO-HO!" Here came Santa...

...the children eagerly gathered around...

...some needed a little reassurance. There were presents for all, each by name.

Some kids just NEVER grow up, there was apparently unfinished business.

The last event was the drawing for the big prizes. Unfortunately I didn't pictures of the prize winners with the prizes. I did get a picture of a name being drawn.

A Very Merry Time was had by ALL and my Wish is that You TOO will have a...



Anita said...

The quilt is beautiful! Everyone looks like they're having a really great time... :)
(that food looks incredible!)

Moonshadow said...

The picture doesn't do the quilt justice. The flowers are puckered up a bit making them raise above the main piece. The food WAS incredible. There was more than enough, just a taste of everything was filling.

Alice said...

Oh, it looks like a wonderful Christmas party. I especially love the smiles for Santa. Wow, the food, the food!

Moonshadow said...

Alice, you know in most cultures "FOOD" translates to "LOVE". Mama's are always trying to fatten up the ones she loves. It's part of our nurturing nature. That's why much of our cultural identity revolves around food.