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Friday, July 11, 2008

Garden Weather

The weather here has been unbelievably mild and wet for July. Everything is growing like crazy, including my lawn. Today I plan on getting out to mow and trim, it's suppose to be getting hot today.
Our local big city newspaper had an article a couple days back where the reporter talked about her garden in a local community garden project. She lamented that fact that she wasn't a very good gardener and her plot had gone a bit wild with grass and weeds. There was another gardener there that blamed the muddy ground as the reason for not getting in to weed and she thought that sounded like a good excuse. That excuse doesn't work in my bed gardens, I place boards down and always have something solid to walk on...
...a plus to the boards is that I read that squash bugs sleep under them during the day and the best way to fight them is to check under the boards in the morning and kill them. Below is my lettuce and arugula. I have been getting one salad a day off these two rows for the last week.
Here's some natural cooperation. Below are my cucumbers climbing the pallets that I put up for them, the upper plant is giving the lower plant a "hand up", see next picture...
...Looks like they've 'tied the knot', LOL.
Below is a beautiful, big zucchini blossom and an aphid eating lady bug. Every time the kids find lady bugs in the yard I tell them to take them to the garden.
Behind the cucumbers, facing the alley is KP1's pumpkin plant that she proudly shows to anyone she can drag out there to look.
Anita, the trees still appear to be doing well. We'll see how they fare as the weather warms up. Maybe I'll have some nice ones for you by autumn.



Brenda said...

I'm envious of your garden! My husband and I opted to buy a home in an area well-populated with wildlife (pretty shady, too). For the most part I don't regret it ... but a garden just wouldn't work here. (Well, it'd work out great for all the deer and little critters!) I did put in some raspberry plants this year, and we'll see in a few years if I can enjoy any fruits of that labor! In the meantime I keep hinting around the office for home-grown tomatoes! Grocery-store fruits and veggies just aren't the same!

Anita said...

Gorgeous garden... I envy you!

the tomatoes I planted in the planters on the porch are exactly the same size as when I planted them 6 weeks ago... I'm starting to believe they are plastic... maybe I should stop wasting the water and just toss the whole lot of them onto the compost pile... *sigh*

Peter said...

Struth! What have you been feeding these things. It only seems like yesterday that the veggies were knee high to a grasshopper!

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Brenda - instead of a full fledged garden, have you ever thought of trying something on a smaller scale? Have you ever tried container gardening? If you google container garden it brings up all sorts of information.

Anita - Not sure what to tell you about the tomatoes. What kind of pot did you plant them in? Are they getting plenty of sun? I'm sure that you've already asked yourself all the questions I can think of since you're not new to gardening. Very odd that they haven't grown at all. I wouldn't give up on them yet, though. : )

Hi, Peter! - What's "Struth"? I'm not familiar with that term. I haven't been feeding the plants anything. We've been having unusually cool, wet weather and the garden is taking off like crazy. I have blooms EVERYWHERE! Now it just needs to warm up and dry out for a few days so I don't have things rotting from TOO MUCH moisture. I haven't seen things this green around here for a long time, and certainly not at this time of year.

Peter said...

Hi! Struth is an example of Australian slang and it is used to denot an exclamation. I could have used, "Good heavens" or "Blimey" but I thought better of it!

Take Care,