Random Acts of Living

Sunday, July 13, 2008

City Fireworks

The small town where I live doesn't do 4th of July fireworks because usually a week later they hold their city celebration. This used to be the harvest festival, but I'm not really sure how tightly this is tied to the harvest in this day and age. Where they fire the fireworks from is diagonally across the county road from our house. If anything, we're too close. Much of the time the fireworks were going off directly over my head. The evening was cool if not a bit chilly, so I lit a fire in the fire pit and set up my camera to take pictures...

I took 84 pictures in all, these were some of the best. I hope you enjoyed looking at them.


Brenda said...

Exceptionally nice and clear pictures! Thanks for sharing ... this is something I've missed for the last several years.

Moonshadow said...

Brenda - I never know how they're going to look till I get them on the computer. These fireworks go off right over my house. I'd have to stay inside or leave town to miss out on them. : )