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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Final Ballgame of the Season

This game was played on July 1st and I'm finally finding time to get it posted. The game was not a scheduled game to add to who won or lost during the season, more just for the fun of it. It was also an out of town game so I had a different angle on my shots. Below is the grandson in the outfield, the one in the black cap.
Grandson being a southpaw, his back was to me when he was up to bat. At our home diamond we were on the other side.
Here he is, back in the outfield with the score tied, 1 to 1, in the sixth inning. The score was the same on the third out at the bottom of the sixth but they called the came over. End of Season.
Here's his team members with all their medals. Each player got one.
There were several of us taking pictures and I joked with the grandson that his checks were going to hurt if he kept smiling like that which caused him to smile even bigger.
It was a great evening with wonderful weather for the last ballgame of the season.

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