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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Day With the Grands (cont. from yesterday)

After swimming the grandkids decided to have a nice game of Chinese checkers in the shade of the new shelter.
The day was a bit overcast, but a wonderful day for spending outside. With all the rain we've had everything is green and growing. You can see my garden to the left.
You can see a little of the damage caused by the Kansas winds. The frame across the front awnings is bent. I forgot to mention the the additional frame pieces came from an old dog kennel.
In the background of the shelter you can catch glimpses of my old van. It was still running when it was parked here several years ago, but had problems. The battery has since run down so I don't know if it would even start now. I have been using it for storage for tents and such and it has a bed in the back that the kids have slept in instead of a tent. The grandkids have also decided that it is their new clubhouse/playhouse. Though they have a lovely playhouse built specially for them, they prefer to play in a van (which convinces me that they are gypsies or maybe hippies). I was sitting comfortably reading in the shade of the shelter and my older granddaughter came and asked if I would put that "thing" up on the van, you know, with the poles and the rope? Oh, you mean the tarp. And what would I get out of doing this? "Well, you can come back and sit down and relax when you get done." Huh?
Guess I shouldn't have asked. She also set up her beauty shop and seemed to have pretty good business...
...at one point she told her sister to wait there, her hair needed to sit for 10 minutes before she could do anything else and she climbed into the van. She commented that she would be in the other room while she waited. Her 10 minutes was only like 10 seconds.
As you saw in my previous post, I moved the grill into the end of the structure and set up a table and chairs. Then I grilled hot dogs and a few steak kabobs, I had fresh zucchini to put on these also. Afterward the kids went swimming again and once I got things cleaned up from the BBQ I got a fire going in the firepit. The kids made s'mores as it was getting dark. Then we watched "National Treasures 2" on the big screen on the side of the house.
The oldest grandson had brought the movie over and when it finished the girls went downstairs to bed and another movie while the boys played a few games of Xbox on the side of the house. It was a long day, but they all had fun, and I almost got some reading done.

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