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Sunday, July 27, 2008

California Vistors

My Uncle (Dad's brother) and Aunt from California stopped at mom and dad's for a visit last week. They had just been for a visit to see new great-grandtwins in Texas and after their visit here they were on to a driving tour with (I think) General Conference Mennonite group. I didn't quite catch everything my Aunt said that they were going to do but she was excited to be a part of it.
Friends and family in Wichita got together one evening for dinner at Home Town Buffet.
Seems like this is just something that family does, gather for a meal and conversation, only nowadays a lot of times we opt for eating out rather than at someone's home.
Sorry about the blurred shot, I seemed to have focused in on mom and dad in the forefront.
Below is a long-time friend. I remember he and I walking across a field in west Wichita as kids to visit a pet store the had exotic pets in it. Those fields are no longer there, they've filled with homes, stores, churches and schools.
This is my friend with his lovely wife and step-daughter and my folks. Gotcha! LOL
We all had a wonderful time and way too much to eat.

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