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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There Will Be Peace In the Valley

I was feeling nostalgic and decided to listen to one of the CDs that my cousin had burned from some old 78 rpm recordings that my dad had. These recordings were made in Burlington Colorado at a little recording studio there and are recorded on metal records. All of them were recorded at least a few years before I was born and are over 50 years old. Most of them are sung by my dad, his brothers, their wives and some cousins. I grew up hearing all these old songs and it really takes me back to hear them. That said, I'd like to share the following that I added a little slide show of my dad and his brothers and family.

There Will Be Peace In the Valley


Anita said...

Fabulous recordings... love the pictures too! You are so lucky to have all that!

That kind of music is in my DNA - my dad's family, for generations, had sung that way...My grandparents traveled around to churches singing, and playing music... my dad was the only one in his generation that sang, though... and as far as I know, no one does in my generation, although my dad thinks I should be... I HATE singing in front of anyone...lol

Great post!

girlgonefishing said...

Awesome! That's one of my favorites and I couldn't imagine getting to hear a recording of it sang by my very own family members ages ago.

Peter said...

Hi! The sound reminds me of the old Hollywood movie soundtracks. A bit spooky really and obviously a blast from the past, so to speak! You have so many wonderful family treasures and thank you for sharing them.


Moonshadow said...

Thank you, EVERYONE, for visiting and letting me share with you one of the many joys in my life. Getting together with family always meant that eventually the music instruments would come out and we'd all join in singing. I'll post some more songs in later posts. I have recordings of some more recent jam sessions that I'll have to share, too.

RecycleCindy said...

What a wonderful family keepsake. You are so lucky to have something so special as these music recordings.

Moonshadow said...

Yes I am, I love listening to them.