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Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Don't Do Mornings!

My daughter called last week to ask what I had planned for Saturday. Nothing on my calendar, what's up? Kmonster's first soccer game was scheduled for Saturday and she was scheduled to work, her hubby too. Could I take him? The game starts at 10am, he needs to be there at 9:30 and it's in Kingman, 35 minutes away. OK, since it's Kmonster, I'll get up and around early and drive him...

It was terribly windy and the wind had a chill to it. I took a comforter and set my chair with my back to the wind, comforter in chair and wrapped up as best I could. The wind still cut through the comforter.

Kmonster is goal tender, can be quite a lonely post. His team managed to keep the ball at the opposing goal for most the game.
Kmonster blocked several attempts by the opposition to score.
And he even got to get in on some game play. That's him in the middle in the picture below.
Good kick Kmonster!
Kmonster's team won, 4 - 1.... I'm sorry Kmonster, but I just have to post the short video. I only took one video clip on my digital camera, the ball had made it down to Kmonsters goal and I thought I'd get some action. I did, a video clip of the only goal the other team scored.

Good Game, Kmonster and team! Hope you have a GREAT season!


Wendy said...

What a great grandma you are, bet Kmonster appreciated your sacrifice of a warm relaxing Saturday morning, spent at the cold windy soccer field. And, taking pictures, too.

Moonshadow said...

I try to make the home games, sometimes I go with daughter to the away if she thinks she might need help finding where she needs to go. I'm just glad I'm able to help him out, not everybody grows up with a good support group.

Anita said...

Yeah Kmonster!! :)

Such a good grandma...!!

Alice said...

Even Oliver Kahn misses a goal now and then. It really is the hardest position on the team to play. Keep up the hard work, Kmonster!