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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Random Thoughts 001

My desk has a piece of Plexiglas on it. I think I put it there because the painted wood surface of the second hand desk was rough and not a friendly surface for writing (which shows how long ago it was, I still actually WROTE letters). My desktop, over the years, has become a collage of random pictures, business cards and momentarily needed notes. I offer the small sampling above.

The happy child with the lion is my oldest grandson. He's a teenager now and being ADHD has had his ups and downs but still has bursts of joy as expressed in the picture above.

The child beside him with Elmo is his brother, the Kmonster. Being brothers they don't always get along that well, but the ARE brothers. The Elmo that he is embracing is the laughing Elmo that everyone went crazy over. My daughter and I just happened to be in the store (I don't remember the name of the store and it has since closed) when they were first putting them out on the shelves, before all the hoopla. We were looking for a toy for Kmonster's birthday when I heard "the laughter". The salesperson that was putting them on the shelf had triggered one or I may have never thought about getting it. It was tempting to sell his when prices went so high for people wanting them, but we couldn't do it. He still has the Elmo and it sits in it's original box now that he is too old to play with him.

The two dollar bill. My hubby collects these. One year at Christmas he got brand new two dollar bills and gave them out as gifts. Some people didn't think they were real. I believe that afterward he went about buying them back from the kids because they just would have spent them.

The quote on the card was from a video about Native American Women. I liked the quote so much that I tracked down the woman that said it and asked permission to make up the cards. I printed up a batch and sent them to her as my "Thank You" for allowing me to do this. In the years since I've given out hundreds of these. It's funny to watch the expression on peoples faces when they read it, because they really don't expect the last line. As I recall, in this tribe of Native Americans there is an Elder woman that is in charge. She is the one that picks the chief. If she doesn't like how he is running things, she can depose him.

The sweet little baby in the swing is my youngest. He really liked his swing. I also had one of those Johnny Jump -ups that you connect to a door jamb that he really loved being in. In the summertime I'd hand it on the hook for the porch swing on the front porch and he'd watch the other children play. When he got fussy they'd come up and give him a good push (or pull) and he'd swing out over the edge of the porch and almost back to the house, and he loved it. He has three children of his own now.

The dog and cat... If you notice the date on the photo, it says Dec 67. The dog was my dog, Duke. I thought it looked like he had a tux on so he needed a regal name. I found out that he was a jumper and I taught him how to climb over the fence (his mother did this to, that's where I got the idea). I also taught him not to go out the open gate unless he was called. But what did he need a gate for if he could go over the fence. The cat was my cat, Satin-Patches Kit-Kat. My best friend/neighbor had a cat from a previous litter that looked almost identical. When I married and left home, this cat stayed with my parents. The cat would claw on the couch and mom would come from the kitchen to yell at her and she would be sitting there like she had done nothing wrong. So mom would clap her hands and chastise her and she'd run through the house, scrunching up throw rugs in her wake.

Just an FYI... whitetrashgoddess posted this comment to my "Bierocks or Pirogies - Part 2" post:

I posted my recipe for verenika on my blog!! :)

So everybody needs to go over to the TRAILER PARK and check it out!


Anita said...

HA! Love the card... And it just works out so much better that way, doesn't it?!

Momo Fali said...

Native Americans are very, very wise.

Anita said...

The bar here in town orders $2 bills from the bank, and hands them out as change... there are LOTS of $2 bills floating around Greensburg... lol
(Not so much at the moment since it hasn't reopened since the storm, but soon!)

Moonshadow said...

Anita & Momo - Feel free to make up your own cards as long as you include the credit to Paulla Dove Jennings of the Niantic Narragansett tribes. The picture in the background is one I drew and is on my poetry blog.

Anita - how strange for a bar to hand out $2 bills. Did they ever get accused of using funny money?


Thank ya for the shout! :)

I love that you have these memories right at your fingertips. I never get tired of looking at old photo albums, and I sometimes go back to read the diaries I wrote as a kid. *sigh*

Alice said...

Such sweet memories. I love the photo of your son in his swing. That boy is holding on and just waiting for a big push! Is he still a bit of a daredevil?