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Saturday, March 15, 2008

From Soccer Balls to Easter Eggs

It was cloudy, cold and drizzly when I woke up this morning. Didn't look good for what was on the schedule for the day. Grandson, Kmonster, had a soccer game scheduled for 1pm here. And by here, I mean if my vision were better I could probably watch the game from my front porch. His mother, my daughter, had to work today, so I am his designated cheering section for this game. I walked over to the field at 12:30 with my long, hooded, winter coat on because there is still quite a chill in the air. Just days before it had been in the 70's. At a little after 1pm the teams square up in the middle of the field.
Kmonster plays goalie again for 3/4 of the game. I guess he's the only one that wants to play this position.
Click on the picture below to get a larger view. I don't know if it will be large enough to see, he actually has "K Monster" printed on the back of his team shirt. And all of you thought it was just a cute nickname I'd given him.
Here's the Kmonster in action (below). They lost the game 2 to 1 but played a good game.
I was back home a little after 2pm which gave me time to fix some lunch and take care of a few other things before the Easter Egg Hunt at 4pm. DIL and her three showed up here around 3:30. These three, my son's children, are the only ones in town still young enough to participate. My daughter's two boys are too old, but I drafted the older one (Kmonster's older brother) to run the camcorder during the hunt. Before the hunt everyone gathers at the park and line up behind signs for designated age groups, 1-2 yrs, 3-4 yrs, etc...
The soccer field has been transformed, divided up by metal rebar and orange ribbon. The sections are covered with bright colored Easter eggs. For the two younger groups there are large plastic eggs along with the foil wrapped chocolate eggs that cover the other sections.
Below are the two younger groups lined up and ready to go grab some goodies.
My youngest granddaughter has learned to fly! Check the picture below if you don't believe me, both feet are off the ground.
The littler ones are always chased after by adults with cameras and shouting, "There's one, there's one, you missed one!"

The picture below is looking over at the older children gathering eggs. I almost got my house in the picture but only got as far as my neighbor on the left of the picture.
The littlest granddaughter has a bucket full with those big plastic eggs. She is an aggressive child so I wasn't surprised to see her bucket completely full.
The older granddaughter has quite a few of the little eggs. I'm sure that's plenty of chocolate to last her till Easter when she'll get more.
The grandson didn't do quite so well, but I'm sure his sisters will share with him.

And that was my Saturday. Tomorrow I have a birthday party to go to and I'll post more pictures.


Anita said...

I love your pictures... looks like so much fun!
Isaiah informed me this year that he is too old for egg hunts and Easter baskets... but he wouldn't mind some new Magnetix or Lincoln Logs!! lol...

Moonshadow said...

Having a digital camera is sooo much nicer than the film camera was. With a large storage card I can click away and it doesn't matter if some are blurred or just plain bad, because I've taken so many I usually end up with enough nice shots the bad ones are erased without a thought. Yes, our little ones grow up so fast. I remember when it was MY children doing the egg hunts in the same park. Only back then we had a larger business community and they donated prizes. Some of the foil eggs would have numbers taped to them and the numbers matched merchants downtown. After the hunt, the children all collected goodies with the numbered eggs. They stopped having them go to the merchants when children running in front of vehicles became an issue. Then the merchants brought their prizes to the park and they were distributed from the covered picnic shelter. Several years ago we started loosing our business and there are no more prizes, just the candy. But the little ones don't know and have a great time with the hunt.

Anita said...

The prizes sound fun... We used to have matinees at Christmas time at the theater, and during an "intermission" they had drawings for gifts for all the kids donated by local stores... they stopped that years ago, but it's part of my "childhood" memories... :)

Moonshadow said...

Interesting, you know, it's memories of little things like that, that need to be noted. Just because we often think that nothing of importance happened in our life we fail to realize things that happened around us wasn't everyone else's experience, making them noteable.

Peter said...

Hi! A bit late on this one, sorry. But having spent all day at work, working and eating little chocolate easter eggs, I think I am now over chocolate for sometime to come.

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Better late than never, Peter. I think you must be working way to much lately, you haven't been commenting near as much. : )