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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Love My New Camera

The KMonster had another soccer game today. It was chilly out and I wish I had worn my coat rather than my sweater-coat that didn't keep the breeze out. Yet the kids were out there on the field in T-shirts looking unfazed by the weather. Here's KMonster getting into his goalie shirt.
Just look how bright those colors are in the picture above. The picture below was taken from mid-field and they are close to the goal. This is cropped from a larger picture and had it wide open, no zoom.
I was also using the sports setting that takes multiple pictures one right after the other.
My zoom is only 5x, much less than on my other camera, but the picture is of such a higher quality that it makes up for it. See how much clearer his name is on his shirt? A telephoto lens and a macro lens are on my wish list.
Here's the KMonster in action, drop kicking the ball.
Fighting for the ball when he was playing the field.
On his toes and aware of where the ball is.
They played a good game but lost by 2 points. Better luck next time, guys.


Peter said...

Hi! Great Shots. We may have to send you off to cover the Olympics now that you're so good!

Below is a link in regards to lights going out in Australia.

Could have been better but something is better than nothing.


Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Thanks, Peter, but I'm not so sure that I want to go to China at this time.

I checked out the link, I heard some of it on our local News during their World News coverage. I'm afraid I lost track of time and let the event slide right on by me. I usually don't have a lot of lights on anyway, we've been accused of being vampires because I like to keep the house so dark (actually, I keep the sun out in the summer to help keep it cool and I keep the shades drawn in the winter to block out the cold. I also prefer natural light over electric lighting.) Did you notice a difference where you are?

Anita said...

Great photos! Looks like a fun day, in spite of the cold!

Peter said...

Hi! Not really. On my way to night shift I still saw the light pollution in the sky and when I got to work I spent 10 hours under fluoro lighting. What a pity!

Take Care,

Alice said...

K-Monster has some great form and I can see his concentration while he's playing. Makes me cold looking at them in their shorts on a cold day though.