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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pretty Bubbles #2

I really like the colors in this one. Which one do you like better, #1 or #2, or do they each hold their own ground for different qualities?


Carolyn said...

They are both pretty cool pictures, but my favorite is #1. But then, I love the color blue, and the way you have captured the bubble as well as the sun ... just a really awesome picture!

While I'm thinking about it... I've moved:) My other blogs are still active and I'm still posting there, but I realized just how "overwhelmed" I am everytime I go in there, and can't help but think that my readers/friends probablys feel the same way. They have taken their own direction, and I'll continue taking those blogs in that direction. But, for the simple "meat and potatoes" of my day blogging ... you can find me at

A Second Look

Moonshadow said...

Hi, Carolyn! Thanks for your pick of the bubbles and reason why. These two pictures just amazed me when I first looked at them on my computer. My old camera wouldn't have focused on the bubbles like the new one does.

I went and checked out your new blog. I think I'll change the link in my list to the new one, maybe move the old one to the "Check It Out Archive" list.

Celinoooo said...

I personally prefer number 2 because the bubble's colors really stand out! :)
Great pics!