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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stew or Soup?

It's getting to be that time of year again. The time perfect for warming up with a nice big soup bowl of your favorite fixings. I LOVE stew. I do remember a time, as a child, when I claimed that I absolutely HATED stew. Actually, I recall not really knowing what the stuff was, and I couldn't determine that by looking at it either. I was child, I knew nothing.

I think what I fix is stew, but I couldn't really tell you the difference. If I just add more water/liquid to it, will that make it soup? Or is there something else that makes one a stew and another a soup?

I don't really have a recipe. I start with a pot roast dinner the night before and use whatever is left over for my stew. The more meat, the better. To that I add whatever half bags of frozen veggies are open in my freezer, a can or two of diced tomatoes, onion, sometimes barley and whatever might seem good at the time. I don't salt anymore, I use a salt substitute if anything, but I do pepper and sometimes "Dash" or other seasonings. What do you use in your stews/soups?

Time to grab a hot bowl-full.


Anita said...

Every time I make a pot, it turns out different... Whatever I have, beef, chicken, ground turkey... potatoes, onions, celery, tomatoes, carrots... sometimes even peas, cabbage, green beans, corn... Always fresh garlic...any number of spices and herbs... Whatever I feel like dumpiing in the pot! I never measure anything, and I never remember from one time to the next what the last pot had in it!

Moonshadow said...

Do you eat till the pot's empty or do you do like I do and freeze some for later? I like to freeze it in individual size containers so I can have quick single servings anytime I want.

Anita said...

We usually freeze some, just because there are days when I'm not completely organized and don't have my meal planned!

Dan Hanosh said...

Shoot them's Good Eats . . . No really when my boys were younger, I called it Hanosh Surprise . . . I never knew what I'd put in it.

And today that's comfort food. Great idea, though it makes me hungry. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dan Hanosh

Dreams Are Yours To Share


MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm STEW!!! Man there aint too much better than that! And the weather today is perfect! I got a big ol brisket in the oven right now. My little kids will not eat the stew no matter what I do. No chili, no ham and beans - all the good stuff. I don't know how they ended up so picky! Ok, I'm comin over to invade yer soup pot! :P

Moonshadow said...

Dan - Thanks for stopping by. What IS comfort food? I've heard this phrase tossed around a lot. My daughter says meatloaf is comfort food? Is is good or bad to be comfort food?

Bec - You're welcome to stop by anytime! I was in your neck o'the woods yesterday but was working, so I didn't get a chance to even give you a call. I though we were going to have some time between the two sessions but we didn't. I'll be emailing you about BoxABuddy.

GO! Smell the flowers said...

Us flowers love stew and we;re into curries at the moment, kinda a comfort food as the rush it gives us with those spicy chilles!

Great blog - flowers!

Moonshadow said...

Hi, flowers! Thanks for stopping by! I haven't played with curries, I hear a lot of good about the taste though. I was raised on "steak and potatoes", my dad didn't like a lot seasonings and spices. Gravy was desert. Nothing like a slice of bread smothered in skillet gravy. Mmmmmmm!!! :)